How to: Start your own website and blog TODAY!

To start an own website and straight away earn back the costs sounds too good to be true? O no it is not! Read how Uncenoredtravel was established.

How did you make a website from which you can earn?

I signed up at the Writers.Academy community. They recruit starting bloggers and also provide free training to build your website using WordPress. Thanks to them, my whole website started at the first place!

Signing up is easy, just go the this link and sign up!  All you need is a Facebook account. You can directly sign up for a first blog about anything you like and make $ 40,-  Australian Dollars! The payment goes through PayPal.

What kind of training does the Academy offer?

The training programs that Writers.Academy has to offer are enormous. From starting from scratch, SEO, using plug ins, implementing Social Media all in order to strengthen your website.

What kind of jobs do they offer?

A lot of different writing jobs. From tech till travel, they have different assignments through a various of partners. The more content you write, the more job offers you will get.

So do not wait any longer, get started!

If you need any help, feel free to comment or to contact me through Facebook.



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