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South America trip: Day 1, arrival to Lima, Peru

As an aftermath of our wedding, we decided to backpack for 5.5 weeks in South America! Can you think of a better honey moon for a travelling couple? I think not!

Early in the morning waking up at Eindhoven to catch our 9:30 am flight to Lima via Amsterdam, great excuse to get up early! 
After my sister dropped us at Schiphol, we were suppose to catch the flight that goes via Paris to Lima. Because of the weather conditions we got a free upgrade from KLM: direct flight at 13:15 to Lima!

After a long wait, our 12 hour journey began. 4 movies, 1 whisky and some beers later we finally reached our destination at 20:00 pm local time: Lima!

Our first trip will be the morning later to visit the Peru part of the Amazon. Because we had to catch the early flight at 5:30 to Iquitos we decided to get a hotel nearby the airport to get a few hours of sleep and to leave our big luggage there. The hotel arranged a pick up for us, which is recommended. There are a lot of Taxis outside the airport and it is hard to see the difference between real and fake. The real cab drivers always show their identification. The 5/7 minute trip costed us 12 soles one way. Before you get in a cab, be sure to either use the ATM or exchange Dollars for soles, else you have to pay more expensive in Dollar.

Once we reached our hostel, packing began for the next day. We booked our flight in advance via Vivaair. Be sure to print your boarding ticket or buy the check in service, else it will cost you 16 USD per person. Luckily the area our hotel was in had a internet café, or something like that with the old school big monitors and printers from the beginning of time, but with some basic Spanish and help from our hostel it was easily arranged.

Quick shower, 4 hour sleep, next stop: Amazon of Peru in Iquitos!

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