On March/April 2018 we joined a cruise journey organized by PM2AM student trips, an organisation that arranges different trips for young adults (until the age of 35). The cruise we went on is epic. The route started in Stockholm and took us further by cruise ship towards Helsinki, Saint Petersburg and Tallinn over the span of 4 nights. A new country every time you wake up! In this series of four blogs I will tell you how we experienced each city. second stop: Helsinki, Finland!

If you remember in our last blog about Stockholm, we took our cruise ship towards Turku. The departure from Stockholm was at 19:30 PM. The night would not be long, since breakfast was served from 6:00 AM, because the check-out off the cruise was at 7:00 AM. Early morning it is! After boarding off the cruise (we would hop into another cruise ship for the remainder of the journey) we put our stuff in the bus. We have arrived in Finland but in Turku.