Welcome to my blog, Uncensored Travel!

Yes, you visit my website and see ‘Uncensored Travel’ standing there. Why did I start this blog you may ask?

Hold up, who are you?

ChichenitzaFirst, let me introduce myself. My name is Robert, a born and raised Dutch male who got infected with the travel bug as soon after I boarded my first plane. In my daily life, I am a recruiter for different kind of professions.  I have a bachelor degree in Commerce and I am currently studying for my Master’s Degree in Management Science (yes, next to a full-time job and blogging ;)). I live in Aachen, Germany and I am born and raised in the south of the Netherlands. I also lived in Cape Town for a few months doing an internship.

Since 2010, my first ever flight to Estonia, I have been hooked with traveling. I have seen 30+ countries in the world across 5 continents. My goal is to visit a new country every month. In the meantime, I found my one and only true travel buddy (Samia) and together we have a YouTube channel and we have our own Instagram hashtags (#robsam_roundtheworld & #robtakessamaroundtheworld).

So why this blog?

You have probably read all those blogs about the most beautiful surroundings each country has to offer, but mostly you have a short amount of time. I will show you how to make most out of your travel experience by sharing our experiences around the globe. As a freestyle writer, I will link all my written work on this website as well, see the summary page for more info.

And what do you mean with Uncensored Travel?

There are countless blogs about travel, so what is so special about Uncensored Travel? I plan to write to you with my own experiences without any sweet making storytelling. If I don’t like something during my travels, I write it uncensored.

I hope that my blog will help and inspire you during your travels. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact me.

Safe travels,

Robert Dolmans





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