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Visiting Kruger Park: My Wild South African Journey

From Early Morning Safari to Airport Adventures: My Wild South African Journey

The adventure began at the crack of dawn, with a taxi whisking me away at 5 am to catch my flight to Johannesburg. Despite a slight delay, I arrived in Jo’burg around 7 am, ready to embark on an unforgettable journey. A vivasafari’s minibus awaited me, along with an eclectic group of fellow travelers – a Frenchman, an Argentinean-Irish duo, a South African couple, and four Americans. Our destination? Balule Plains Wildpark, a mere 6 to 7 hours’ drive away, with a pit stop for a communal meal along the way.

Travel the World by RV: Trips for Every Continent 

When most people think of RVing, they think about taking a trip around the US. Maybe seeing a couple of national parks or just going up to a lake for the weekend. But there are destinations all over the world that make for an incredible RV trip that we often don’t think about. Whether it’s Europe, Africa, or Australia, every continent has a route that is sure to change your life. Dreaming of seeing the world? Today we have some incredible trips for you and your RV regardless of the continent you choose.

Daytrip to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point: Cliffs and Mountains

Cape of Good Hope is known as being the most southern part of the African continent, but it is not in reality (Cape Agulhas is). But, it is no reason to not visit this beautiful scenery! The famous sign which states you are on the most southern part of the African continent can be found there (yes, even if it is not the most southern part ;)). On the same sight you can also find Cape Point, which consists of a big peak with a lighthouse tower on it with an amazing view.

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In this blog I will take you on how we experienced this journey! visiting Boulders Beach on the way!

VIDEO: Marrakesh

Howdy travelers,

We made another amazing video for your enjoyment. This time we finished our Marrakesh video from our trip last October. Check it out now!

To read about our trip, check out the blog we wrote earlier here!

Uncensoredtravel goes international! #Dubai #readmeae

Hi beautiful travellers,

Uncensoredtravel got the opportunity to share one of our blogs through a free brochure delivered throughout Dubai!

Thanks to Read. for the opportunity! 🙂

Check out the full story in the PDF file below:


For the whole issue, check here.

Shortlist: Top 5 thing to do in Cape Town

Cape Town is my favorite city in the world! I had the privilege to do an internship here for 3 months, and it was the most amazing time of my life!

So, in short, what are top 5 things you must do in Cape Town itself?


If you are in Cape Town, you have to visit the party scene! Mondays karaoke in Camps Bay, tuesday sports bar in Long Street, Thursdays in Green Point and the weekends in Club 31 or Long Street. Cape Town is never boring! Especially Long Street, from the Irish pub Kennedy’s to the Hip hop hotspots Marvels and Joburg.


Cape Town itself has many hiking spots. The best ones are Lions Head and Table Mountain. You can hike the easy part, which still takes 2 to 3 hours, or the advanced one with ladders and hooks which takes 4 to 5 hours. Just want to enjoy the view and are physically not able to hike? There are also cable cars at the Table Mountain.


There are so many beaches in Cape Town. My favorite is Blouberg Strand, which has an amazing view over Table Mountain. The Clifton beaches around Camps Bay are also cozy! Just mind the water, it is freaking cold.


Visiting the other side of the city is a definite must. Taking a tour through the townships will teach you a lot about how life is for the lesser fortunate, and how they make it as a community. Do not forget to visit Mzoli’s for the real braai experience.

Food markets

South Africa is blessed with a lot of influences from all over the world. And this reflects on the food markets. The Old Biscuit Mill and Hout Bay market are two of the biggest in the city and my favorite food places in the world. Live music, South African wines and a variety of food you have never seen. Arab food, Ostrich burgers, Belgian waffles, Dutch pancakes, Italian pizza or Kudu meat, these markets will make you drool. And do not forget to braai (not barbecue), South Africans love their braai!


Cape Town is worth the visit. And it is close to a lot of cool places and things to do around the western part of the country. Be sure to visit this beautiful scenery as well and enjoy the most of this diverse country!

What to expect: Three day desert trip to the Sahara – Merzouga

If you are visiting Morocco, we can highly recommend to take a desert trip towards the Sahara desert! We took the three day desert trip to Merzouga from Marrakesh.

Places to visit in Marrakesh: colourful chaos of Morocco

Marrakesh is one of the most important cities in Morocco. The city which is filled with vendors and their stalls (so called Medina), colourful buildings, religious sightings and amazing food!

Uncensoredtravel takes you on a tour through the city, how we experienced the hot spots, the bargaining with vendors and  the delicious food we encountered. Come along for the read!

How to get to the city?

If you are flying to Marrakesh airport, be sure to pick up a SIM card after arrival. There is a stand near the car rental stands, you can buy a SIM card with unlimited internet for 200 dirham.

If you are looking to go to the city by bus, take line 19 which stops right infront of the airport. The costs are 70 dirham for an one way ticket and 100 dirham for a return ticket (valid for 15 days). The bus will take you to the Place Jemaa el Fna Medina, which is right in the central of the city. There are also a few other stops on the way. Every 30 minutes, the bus goes towards the Medina from the airport.

You can also try to get a cab, which shouldn’t be more than 100 dirham. Inside the city a cab ride should not cost you more than 20 dirham.


Marrakesh has a lot of beautiful sights to visit. The colourful buildings are worth the visits, make sure that your camera’s are fully charged and your memory cards are empty :)! So what kind of hotspots are there to see?

Jardin Majorelle is one of the most visited places in the country. It is created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) 40 years to create his enchanted garden. There is also a museum inside the garden, and the colourful blue and yellow buildingof s will keep your camera focused all day!

The garden is open every day, check here for the opening hours during the year. The admission prices are 70 dirham per person.

The souks of the Medina are a must visit. You can find different vendors with their shops of Moroccan wear throughout the city. The rule is, never take the first given price. Negotiate! And if you think the price is fair, make the deal! If the prices are fixed it means there is no negotiating, try to keep that in mind. Shopkeepers can be persistent and can even become rude at some point, just say the magical word “Shukran” (meaning: no thank you) and they will politely leave you alone.

We bought a lot of cool souvenirs: carpets (depending where you buy it, in shops you can get it for 160-200 dirham), oil lamps (the cool aladin lamps depending on the size, small ones go for 20-30 dirham, bit bigger ones around 60 dirham), scarfs (30 to 60 dirham depending on what kind of quality), fatima hand (60 to 80 dirham), candleholder (30 dirham for the plastic candleholders sold on the street), tea pot set (we paid 350 dirham for the whole set including glasses, tea pot and platter), pillow case (100 dirham) , loafers (80 to 100 dirham a piece), and fresh mint tea (50 dirham for 500 gram) for home :). Always ask for the democratic price ;).

Visit the Medina of Marrakesh (Jemaa el-Fnaa) at night for an amazing sight. The food markets are open (try local food starting at 20 dirham, look around the shops and enjoy the different dishes). The fresh orange juice is also a must try! There are also a lot of street artists and vendors selling their homemade products.

The Bahia Palace was built in the late 19th century with the intend to become the greatest palace of its time, designed to capture the Islamic and Moroccan architecture styles. The entrance is just 10 dirham per person and is opened daily from 09:00 AM until 16:30 PM. The palace is beautiful to see, with a lot of different photogenic backgrounds.


Koutoubia Mosque is the largest mosque in the city dating back to the 12th century. It is constructed from sandstone and stands 77 meters high.

Do not forget to walk around the mosque, it has some impressive doors and the remains of the former mosque.

The Slat Lazama Synagogue is located near the Bahia Palace in one of the side streets. It is not really known, but worth a visit. Entrance is just 10 dirhams per person. The synagogue is filled with pictures about its history and gives you a good view over the Jewish community in Marrakesh.

Palais El Badiî is also an amazing palace with an inside court which has an amazing view. Unfortunately the palace was under maintenance when we were there.

Food? Tajin!

Tajin is the local dish you can not miss out while being in Morocco! The Tajin comes with chicken, lamb, fish or vegetarian and is added on with potatoes, vegetables, prumes, apricots, and a lot of  of different varieties. It is amazingly tasteful. You can have a tajin everywhere. In the streets you can get amazing tajin for just 20 dirham. In restaurants it can be between 50 to 70 dirham.

You can also get very fresh food ;-)…

And do not forget the spices!


Riads are traditional Moroccan houses or palaces with a (small) courtyard with a garden. The name comes from the Arabic word “Ryad” which means garden. If you visit Marrakesh you HAVE TO stay in a Riad! I can highly recommend Riad Karmanda and Riad Picolina for your stay in Marrakesh! The Moroccan sweet breakfast will give you the right fuel to start the day exploring.


Has a lot of beautiful sights, city walls, mosques, food and friendly people. It is a must visit! There are a lot more things to visit in the city, so if you have some more time in the city be sure to check out different hammams (spa houses), museums, mosques and food places to your liking!

We also visited the city of Essaouira and did a three day desert trip towards Merzouga, about which I will write in my next blogs!

If you want more overview of the beauties of Morocco, be sure to check out Helene’s blog with a lot of awesome pictures!

Your uncensoredtraveller,


Sahara desert

Is amazing!!! Just look at the pictures for now and wait for my blog :). There I am still in Morocco enjoying!

Essaouira takes your breath away

Visiting Morocco is amazing, especially the colourful scenery and culture! Today we stopped at Essaouira after a 3,5 hours bus drive (75 dirham per person from Marrakech). This city has a nice laid back attitude and is located right at the Atlantic ocean!

The fresh seafood they sell here is so amazingly good! For a glimpse of my trip here check some pictures out below or my intsagram account Roburwt!

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