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Visiting Antibes, France with a toddler: things to do

Antibes is a very small, but charming city on the southern coastline of France. In between bigger places like Nice, Cannes and Monaco it is a great getaway to explore the coastline. But, visiting with a toddler Antibes has enough to offer!

Visiting Devin Castle, Slovakia

One of the coolest sights to visit near Bratislava, and a must include in your visit to Bratislava, is Devin Castle. The ruins are amazing to see, but also the view of the surrounding nature is breathtaking!

Day trip to the sovereign state of Monaco

With less than 40,000 inhabitants at the ocean surrounded by France one can find the little country of Monaco. The only country smaller than Monaco is Vatican City! We visited this small country in March 2023 while staying in South of France.

Monaco is easy to get to if you are already in France, or even from Italy. There is a very good train connection from bigger cities like Nice and Cannes.

Daytrip to Pula, Croatia

Pula is a beautiful oceanside city with a rich history. Being a fan of the Roman times myself, I was very intrigued to visit this place!

Bulgaria – Plovdiv and Sunny Beach: History and nature

Bulgaria is a beautiful country which is not very high on (m)any bucket list(s). We visited this amazing country for 4 days, and want to take you on a journey why Bulgaria is a must visit country!

What to expect in the city of love: Venice

Venice, Italy: Highlights in the City Of Love

You feeling romantic? Venice is one of the most amazing cities to visit as a couple, not only in Italy but in the whole world! If it Romance you seek with your loved one, look no further! If you are still single do not worry, there is fine Italian wine, canals, gondolas and amazing sea food to prevent you from getting bored :).

Visiting the DAF Trucks museum, Eindhoven

Are you a fan of trucks, or simply interested in the history of transportation? If so, the DAF Trucks museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is a must-visit destination. This museum is dedicated to showcasing the history of DAF Trucks, one of Europe’s largest truck manufacturers. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the DAF Trucks museum.

Monument to the Battle of the Nations, Leipzig (Germany)

From far and wide within Leipzig, you will see this enormous monument standing 91 metres tall! The monument was built between 1898 and 1913 and is a sight you must visit when in Leipzig!

Southwest-Friesland: canals, lakes and cozy villages

Beginning of the year we were a bit covid tired, so decided to take a trip to the North of the Netherlands. Southwest-Friesland is known for its cozy villages, lakes and canals. It also has beaches, since the Afsluitdijk closed the former sea years ago it became a fresh water lake. Calm waters, but still got that beach appearance! There is a lot to do in this province, if you want to know more about tourism is this region be sure to check their website. Here are a few pictures of our trip visiting several villages!

Germany from a highlight perspective, what you should experience!

We met, lived, loved and got married in Germany. A country that has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism, and can not be underestimated! If you get the opportunity to come to Europe for travels or studies for a longer time, make sure you also visit Germany along the way! Here are some of the experiences you should gain while visiting this great country!

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