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Short country guide: Liechtenstein

Our latest post about one of the smallest countries in Europe: Liechtenstein has just been published on Track that Travel! Check it out NOW!

Our latest addition on Track that Travel: Liechstenstein – A day in one of the smallest countries

Things to do in Porto, Portugal

Porto is a vibrant city in which will mesmerize you with its charm and lovely people. We visited Porto in the first week of September and enjoyed it a lot! In this guideline we will take you on a tour through the second largest city in Portugal. There is a reason why Portugal is a must visit in 2018!

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Published: 3 Castles to Visit while in Transylvania, Romania

Our second blog about our experiences hunting for castles in Romania has been published on Track that Travel.

Read which 3 Castles to Visit while in Transylvania, Romania now!

In case you missed it, our video about the castle hunt can be seen on YouTube:

Lots of reading pleasure! 🙂

Published: a Guideline to Prague

Our newest blog about the Capital of Czech Republic, Prague is published on Track that Travel today!

Want to know which 6 things I recommend to experience in Prague? Check out the blog here!

VIDEO: Road Trip Through Bulgaria – Part 2: Seven Rila Lakes and Rila Monastery

Last year we visited Bulgaria. We did a small roadtrip visiting Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas  (Sunny Beach) and Rila (see the links for the blogs!). Took some digging but we finally made a video about our trip in Rila, visiting the Seven Rila lakes and the Rila Monastery.  Check our latest video out below!

Visiting the New 7 Wonders of the World: Colosseum Rome

Highly noted on my bucket list I have noted down to see the new 7 Wonders of the World in this life time. The first one to write about that I visited is the only World Wonder in Europe, the Colosseum in Italy, Rome.

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Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe Kassel: a recap

Hi Traveler,

In this post I will take you on a journey to the beautiful Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, located in the middle of Germany. Kassel itself is a beautiful city to visit, this post will only focus on the park to give you a quick insight on what to see and with some useful links if you wish to venture to it yourself. The park is an UNESCO heritage sight, and it is worth a visit! The style is in English landscape and boy did they pull it off! With some of the monuments dating back to the 1700’s! So be sure to pack your best sneakers for walking the whole day (check here for some tips about that).

What to see in the park?

The big Schloss (castle) is a beauty from the outside alone already. Do to time we did not enter the castle, but just look at this humongous building in the middle of the park. There is a museum inside for all you art lovers.

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Mini Eurotrip part IV: Paris

After a few days in Switzerland we drove 6 hours to the capital of France, Paris! 

There we went to Louvre, up the Eiffel tower (not worth it) and enjoyed the shopping streets. For a quick overall look see the pictures below 🙂

Want to know how to travel on a budget in Paris? Check it out here.

Eiffel tower at our arrival

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What to expect in Venice, published on Travelicious

Uncensoredtravel is going places! Our latest blog about Venice has been published by Travelicious.world.

Check it out here!

Happy travels,

Your Uncensoredtraveller


Copenhagen: 24 hours in the Danish Capital

Scandinavia is on almost everyone’s bucket list for the northern lights in Sweden, Norway or Iceland. But don’t forget that Denmark is up there as well an worth a visit! Me and my girlfriend visited Copenhagen for 24 hours with the objective, to see as much as possible in the city center while on a budget, quite the challenge considering that Denmark is pretty expensive.

Copenhagen, in the 10th century a Viking fish village, since the 15th century the capital of Denmark and the most populated city of Denmark.

We left on Friday afternoon from Cologne and would fly back the day after, exactly 24 hours later. During the trip we met up with our couchsurfing host (recommended if you want to save some money, and always a good way to hang out with locals). Our couchsurfing host told us that all the hotspots we wanted to visit was impossible to achieve within 24 hours, boy did we prove him wrong!

Way towards the city

After a short flight of an hour we arrived at the airport of Copenhagen (Ryanair sometimes has some cheap flight options). From there you can easily use public transport to get into the city center. Just walk to terminal 3, There are different buses, trains and metros. Tickets can be purchased at one of the many ticket machines if you walk towards the metro station. If you in need of assistance you can also go to the sales counters, the Danish people working there are happy to answer any questions!

The train runs every 10 minutes and will take you to the city center within 13 minutes. If you want to end up in the center, get out at the stop Norreport Station. It costed us 36,- DKK per person. You can also take a bus (5A) which will take you to the city centre in 30 minutes.

Public transport

If you want to travel within the city you can buy single tickets (we did it because we Copenhagenticketwere only in Copenhagen for 24 hours) which are 36,- DKK and valid for 90 minutes (you can travel unlimited within 3 zones within the valid time).


Plan to stay longer and use public transport a lot? You can also buy a City Pass with which you can travel unlimited in between (Copenhagen travel) zones 1-4. The 24 hours City Pass costs 80,- DKK, the 72 hours City Pass 200,- DKK. 

What is a must to see in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen has a lot of hotspots within walking distance of each other, so seeing a lot of things is definitely doable. It also depends on the weather, we had a bit of bad luck that it started to rain around 8 P.M. or else we could have seen more :). So which places did we visit?

A lot of hotspots are near the harbor (Nyhavn), make sure you take the bus towards there to start your day.

If you arrive at Nyhavn you can see the Royal Danish Opera House, a very cool building.

Make your way up north of the harbor to visit the little mermaid statue. We were lucky that it was rainy, so there were almost no visitors at the time. Try to go early in the day to get as lucky as we were for some awesome shots! The walk towards there is amazing as well, passing different artistic sightings.

There are a lot of amazing buildings to visit in the area. Head down to Amalienborg and walk towards the Frederiks Kirke (Frederik’s Church), a beautiful church made with marble. Unfortunately we were not able to visit the church from the inside, but the outside is a picture perfect spot as well! For prices and opening hours check here.

You hungry? Cross the harbor and head over to PapirØen for some Copenhagen street food!  This food hall has it all: live music, a great variety of food stalls and tasty brews!

You are on the other side already and just filled your stomach, time to do some sightseeing in the Christianshavn area. First thing to visit is the Church of Our Saviour, this spire formed church is definitely worth a visit! You can climb up the 400 steps and have an amazing view over the area. Price is between 35-45 DKK, depending what time of the year you visit. For opening times check here.

After you visited the church, head to the most impressing neighborhood in Copenhagen, Christiania! The green light district of Copenhagen. You can enter from two sides, either a big banner with Christiania on it which leads you straight to the “market place” or the side entrance which leads you through a street filled with street art and passing different galleries filled with art all the way to the “market place”. Why “market place”? As soon as you enter further into Christiania, you will see signs with “no photo’s/movies”. As soon as you step into the scene, you will see people in balaclava selling weed. The scene is notoriously famous for being a “free spot” in Copenhagen where everything is allowed. In reality, it is not. Cop raids are common. But do not let that scare you, this place is worth a visit!

If you go back to the neighborhood Indre By, you got to stop over at Rosenborg Slot, this beautiful castle is surrounded by a botanic garden filled with colorful flowers and art. It is possible to see the crown jewels in the castle, and also there is a change of guards if you are lucky. The castle itself is open on Tuesday till Sunday between 10 AM and 2 PM. The admission price is 105 DKK.

Next stop: The Rundetaarn is an iconic building in the center of Copenhagen. You can walk up the round tower for 25 DKK. Opening times vary throughout the year. Inside the tower there are different museums. On the top there is an Observatory, and you can see the whole city on the top. In the building next to the tower there is a church which is also worth a visit, free entry!

Everyone who visits Copenhagen has to stop by Nyhavn’s The Memorial Anchor (Mindeankeret). This waterfront is filled with colorful houses dating back to the 17th and 18th century. Plenty of bars and restaurants can be found here, so try it out!

Christiansborg Palace, the royal palace of Copenhagen has a lot of different tours and sightings. For more details check out the website of the palace here. Do to bad weather we were not able to visit this place sadly, just passed it by.

Tivoli Gardens are also worth a visit. Sadly I did not make it towards the gardens because of the bad weather. So if anyone wants to share how they experienced it, feel free to comment :).

After 24 hours…

Of meeting our couchsurfing host, trying to see all the hotspots we wanted to see (except the gardens) and enjoying a nice Danish beer and strawberries at night, we agreed that Copenhagen is worth a visit. Even if it is just for a short stop! Keep in mind that Sweden is just an hour away from Copenhagen by train (€ 9,-) or bus (€ 5,-). So is Hamburg in Germany towards the other side.

24 hours of Copenhagen was enough for us, there we love to enjoy the highlights and not go into every castle or museum. Copenhagen might be a more expensive than most other capitals in Europe, but it should definitely be on your must visit list!

To sum up our trip, check our movie on YouTube below!

Hope you enjoyed my blog, watch out for more to come!

Your uncensoredtraveller,


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