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Kromlau Park: Instagram famous bridge

Guten tag Travelers,

A few days ago we visited the beautiful park in Kromlau, just 6 kilometers from the Polish border in Germany. This park is well known in the Instagram world for its beautiful bridge, the Rakotzbrücke.

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VIDEO: Castle hunt in Romania

View over Brasov

Hey Travelers,

Me and my girlfriend visited Romania last November, with a cheap flight to Bucharest. We hired a car and visited some castles in the Brasov area in Transylvania. We visited the famous Peles Castle and Bran Castle as well as the Cantacuzino Castle. We just covered a small part of Transylvania, and there are so many more places to discover in this vast region so we surely visited again :).

Check out the video here or below!

Mini Eurotrip V: the Netherlands 

The last part of our trip took us to my home country, the Netherlands. After shortly visiting my childhood home where my girlfriends family and mine met for a cup of tea, we went on to Rotterdam. Here, the parents went on a tour through Rotterdam with the splasbus tour.

Which is right next to the famous Euromast in Rotterdam.

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Mini Eurotrip part IV: Paris

After a few days in Switzerland we drove 6 hours to the capital of France, Paris! 

There we went to Louvre, up the Eiffel tower (not worth it) and enjoyed the shopping streets. For a quick overall look see the pictures below 🙂

Want to know how to travel on a budget in Paris? Check it out here.

Eiffel tower at our arrival

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Mini Eurotrip part III: Interlaken

Today we enjoyed the beautiful scenery around Interlaken. First we drove to Lucern for some shots in this beautiful village.

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Mini Eurotrip part II: Castle Lichtenstein and Switzerland 

Day 2 of our trip started with a visit to Lichtenstein castle. If you are ever near it, visit! The surroundings are gorgeous and great hiking grounds. The castle itself looks amazing as well, just see below :).

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Mini Eurotrip part I

Hi Travel freaks,

Yesterday my girlfriends parents arrived from Bangladesh for their 11 days stay with us. To make it worth their while we are gonna visit places in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Today our trip started with visiting Luxembourg and Metz, France.

Casemates Luxembourg 

We visited the old Fortress remains of Casemates first. For an impression see the pictures below 🙂

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VIDEO: Road trip through Bulgaria part I: Plovdiv and Sunny Beach

Hi Travelers,

Have you ever visited the beautiful country of Bulgaria? It is a must visit! The country is rich with history and nature.

Last summer we travelled throughout Bulgaria,to see how we experienced it check our YouTube video:



Your Uncensoredtraveler

What to expect in Venice, published on Travelicious

Uncensoredtravel is going places! Our latest blog about Venice has been published by

Check it out here!

Happy travels,

Your Uncensoredtraveller


Waking up on a sunday

With this view from our hotelroom over the canals in Venice, Italy. what a treat! Have a great sunday travel lovers 🙂

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