We met, lived, loved and got married in Germany. A country that has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism, and can not be underestimated! If you get the opportunity to come to Europe for travels or studies for a longer time, make sure you also visit Germany along the way! Here are some of the experiences you should gain while visiting this great country!

Visiting Castles

If you are in Germany, there is a huge probability you will see a castle. According to the European Institute of Castles there are or have been over 25,000 castles in Germany, of which 60% still exist till date! Mind blowing! Whether you visit the Eltz Castle in the Eiffel, the ruins in Heidelberg or the Neuschwanstein castle that looks like a Disney castle: it is worth picking your favorites and head out to an adventure!

Enjoy the green nature part of Germany

Whether you go to the vast Black Forest for some hikes exploring Germany’s largest waterfall in the South, the amazing park of Kassel in the middle of the country or near the Polish/Czech boarders you visit the hidden gems like Kromlau and Bastei. Feast your eyes on the amazing sights!

Schnitzel & Pretzel

If you are in Germany, you have to try local cuisine (as in any country). Be ready for some good quality meat and sweet. As a Dutchie, I do not like the German bread. But, the Brötchen and Brezel (Pretzel) are amazing! Currywurst with the nice spicy ketchup I can eat any day, as well as the nice piece of Schnitzel! And if you are a sweettooth like me, be sure to try the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte!

City trips

Germany has a lot of beautiful cities with that old town vibe. We lived in Aachen, and loved the historical town center with the Rathaus and the Dom of Aachen. Cologne with its huge cathedral, Trier with its ancient Roman gate, Berlin with their historic wall, München and it’s beauty. Enjoy and explore!