The Black Forest (or Schwarzwald in German) of Germany is located in the Southwest of the country. The whole forest covers up an area of more than 160 kilometers. There is enough to see, but in this blog we focus mainly on the place called Triberg. The town Triberg is located within one hour driving distance of the big city Freiburg and has a lot to offer. Want to know more? Read on!

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Triberg: background story

Triberg is a town with a population of around 5,000 inhabitants. It lies right in the middle of the famous Black Forest of Germany, located between 500 to 1,000 meters above sea level. Driving up and down the hillsides makes your ears pop, yes! It is home to two places worth to visit, and it goes large in Germany, namely: it has the largest (claimed) waterfalls from Germany and the world’s biggest cuckoo clock! In this blog I will tell you about our experiences staying 1 night during one of our many small eurotrips. There is lots more to discover, but Triberg is definitely a good place to experience the Black Forest!

Triberger Waterfalls

The waterfalls are located nearby the city center of Triberg and has a descent of 163 meters. If you have been to waterfalls like Rhine Falls before you are not so impressed, but it was still a beautiful little park.  But hold up, did I not just state in the paragraph before that it is claimed the biggest waterfall of Germany? Yes, claimed, but it is not the biggest of the country. Röthbachfall south of the Koningssee in Germany is 400+ meters high, quite a difference. Nevertheless, Triberger Waterfalls are known as the most beautiful one from the country. Parts of the park are free of charge, but to go towards the Waterfalls you will need to pay € 5,- per person. Be sure to bring money with you, they do not accept cards! There is paid parking possible right in front of the park as well. Once you park, you will see the entrance sign guiding you towards the entrance of the waterfalls.

There are three entrances to the waterfalls in total, all with a small booth to purchase your ticket(s). All entrances are within 100 meters of the parking lot, so even elderly people or families with pushcarts for kids can easy access the sight. Once you enter through the gate, you will see big green all around you. Do not forget, you are in the Black Forest!

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After a brief walk, you can see the waterfalls from three different heights. The middle one is the most beautiful one. Yes, it might not be Rhine Falls, but that does not mean it is not pretty enough to enjoy!

World’s biggest Cuckoo clock

The Black Forest area is to be thought of as the area where the Cuckoo clock got invented. It is surely to state that the region of Baden-Württemberg made the clock very famous and popular in the 1850’s. The Cuckoo clock is a very popular souvenir for tourists who visit Germany, Austria or Switzerland. And Triberg is proud owner of the biggest one of them all! It is located right in the city center, where you can find a lot of nice souvenir shops.

Once you enter the shops, you will understand the Cuckoo madness. It is a great visit!

Additional Information

Getting around the area is best to do by car. Yes, you can also go on guided bus tours through the Black Forest. But, to be really freely in what you do you should go by car if possible. It gives you a lot of freedom to explore whatever you want to see on your own.

We only stayed for one night in the Black Forest because of our combined trip with Switzerland en Liechtenstein, but the Black Forest it self you can easily spend 3 to 4 nights if you are really into nature and hiking.

Want to stay the night in the area? We stayed with Ferienwohnung St. Georgen in Peterzell, and it was just perfect. We had our own appartment for € 55,- for one night, and it was super clean plus we were surrounded by nature all around us.