Hi Traveler,

In this post I will take you on a journey to the beautiful Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, located in the middle of Germany. Kassel itself is a beautiful city to visit, this post will only focus on the park to give you a quick insight on what to see and with some useful links if you wish to venture to it yourself. The park is an UNESCO heritage sight, and it is worth a visit! The style is in English landscape and boy did they pull it off! With some of the monuments dating back to the 1700’s! So be sure to pack your best sneakers for walking the whole day (check here for some tips about that).

What to see in the park?

The big Schloss (castle) is a beauty from the outside alone already. Do to time we did not enter the castle, but just look at this humongous building in the middle of the park. There is a museum inside for all you art lovers.

After you walk from the castle towards the Hercules Statue, the first sight you will stumble upon is the Jussowtemple, a white building surrounded by a lake. Perfect picture spot. Especially at clear weather with the reflection of the building and its surroundings in the water!

Further own the path are the remains of a Roman aqueduct.

The different creeks with water flowing everywhere make up for a neat scenery.

If we walk through the aqueducts we come across this cool building, when the water show starts this whole place gets a boost fueled from the bridge. You can see the Hercules statue in the back.

The Teufelsbrücke (Devils Bridge) is also a pretty sight and the bridge we talked about above. At certain times they release water (3:00 PM) so you have a waterfall going underneath the bridge. We only spent the morning there so no water, but still a pretty sight!

And, after 1 hour of walking towards the top, you will find a restaurant and a beautiful sight over the Hercules statue. We were too lazy to get all the way up, so all I can give you is this image from how it looks from the plateau at the beginning of the steps towards the statue :).  Sadly there was maintenance, so excuse us for the ugly constructions in the front.

After that it is a straight walk down 30 minutes surrounded by green nature everywhere, really takes your breath away :).

Few tips before you go for a hike through this park:

  • Bring enough water and snacks so you can enjoy the surroundings without losing too much energy;
  • Park just outside in one of the side streets, do not go towards the Castle where there is paid parking. Save yourselves € 7,- and just walk for 10 more minutes, the surroundings are beautiful anyways :);
  • If you like museums you can visit the castle, for more information (prices, opening hours, in German) check it out here;
  • There are a lot of friendly Couchsurfers in Kassel ;);
  • Be sure to check the website here about the time schedule when they release the water so you can enjoy this park in its full glory, we still have to get back sometime to witness it :).

The city of Kassel is worth staying one or two nights to enjoy the old town and the park. It is a perfect stop if you are travelling through Germany and want to rest for a day or two. Uncensored Travel approves this Unesco sight to be visited!