Kromlau Park: Instagram famous bridge

Guten tag Travelers,

A few days ago we visited the beautiful park in Kromlau, just 6 kilometers from the Polish border in Germany. This park is well known in the Instagram world for its beautiful bridge, the Rakotzbrücke.

How to get there?

The park is in a remote area. The best and fastest way to get there is by car. There is a parking just 5 minutes walk from the bridge. The parking costs are just 2 euros for 2 hours.

What to see?

The park is an example of a textbook garden, color everywhere with the bridge as the eye catcher.

Oh… and there is also a cool Hercules statue :).


This park is worth a visit. The eastern part of Germany has a lot of hidden gems like this bridge. You can combine a visit to the park with other parks in the area, a trip to Poland or Czech Republic or a city trip to Dresden or Berlin.

For more information about the park you can visit their website here (in German).

Uncensored Travel approves the visit of this astonishing park. Get your camera’s ready for a lot of shots around the bridge!


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  1. I’m actually from Germany but have never been there or even known about it. Will be in Berlin in September and definitely going to check this out. Must be beautiful in fall with all the colors <3 Thanks for showing me this spot!

    • Robert Dolmans

      Yes, this is truly one of the many gems Germany has to offer :). Worth a visit!

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