Oasis, desert and sandboarding. Those 3 words summarize the experience in Huacachina! This spot is a tourist hot spot in the middle of the desert. The little town has an oasis and is surrounded by dunes as high as one hundred metres!

We took a guided tour from Peru Hop with a buggy ride, totally worth it! Costed us 50 soles (price in 2019). At 16:00 PM our tour started, with the buggy racing through the dunes was awesome. I did this as well in Dubai, but the dunes in Huacachina was a way rougher terrain. You have to have a good stomach for it!

Once we arrived on our destination, we had to go down 4 different hills to meet up with our drivers. You can choose to snowboard, ski or just like us amateurs flat on the belly going down the dunes. Super fun, and collecting a lot of sand everywhere in your clothes and shoes!

After our descend towards the buggies we had a last rough ride back to Huacachina. Here, on top of the dunes you can enjoy an amazing sunset with a view over the oasis. Worth it.