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Pitstop in Bruneck/Brunico, Italy

Bruneck (German pronouncing, in Italian Brunico) is the largest town in the Puster Valley near the Austrian border. We passed the town driving through Italy to get to Innsbruck, and had a stop at the Bruneck castle to enjoy the views over the old town and the castle itself.

Visiting the New 7 Wonders of the World: Colosseum Rome

Highly noted on my bucket list I have noted down to see the new 7 Wonders of the World in this life time. The first one to write about that I visited is the only World Wonder in Europe, the Colosseum in Italy, Rome.

What to expect in Venice, published on Travelicious

Uncensoredtravel is going places! Our latest blog about Venice has been published by

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Ciao bella: A tour through Rome

Last March I visited the beautiful city of Rome, Italy. Seeing the Colosseum, Vatican City, Spanish steps, Trevi fountain and many more hotspots. You want to see how I experienced it? Check it out here or watch below!

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