Heidelberg it self is a picture perfect place, but the Ruins of Heidelberg (Schloss Heidelberg) is the real show stealer. Located in the Heidelberg Castle Gardens, the ruins stand tall in the middle. If you are looking for ruins that are massive, very well preserved and take you back in time: then you have come to the right place!

The castle was heavily damaged during the 9 year old war in 1689 and partly restored a few years later.

The location is beautiful, with the city gardens surrounding the ruins. Walking up the first thing that caught our attention was the damaged tower souring in the sky.

If you continue to walk passed the main entrance of the castle, you end up at the Elisabethenor, built in the style of a Roman arch.

Once you go through the arch, the side view of the castle up close is amazing.

On your left there is a look out spot viewing over the city of Heidelberg.

And if you are looking for a nice view from far, walk all the way to the east of the castle garden to view the castle with a great view. Up on the hill, next to the river with the city in the back.

We visited the gardens and around the ruins for free, as we where there after 18:00 PM. If you want, the courtyard is open from 8:00 AM until 18:00 PM with final admission at 17:30 PM. Tickets include access to the courtyard, the great Tun (a huge barrel that can hold 219.000 liters), and the German Pharmacy Museum. If you want to visit the palace’s interior, a guided tour is mandatory.