Ëtretat is a small town in the north of Normandy, close to Le Havre. If you are making a trip through the north of France, we definitely recommend taking a pitstop in this town with its amazing cliffs right at the beach!

Étretat is only home to around 1,300 inhabitants, but it is an huge tourist attraction thanks to its unique features. We decided to make a day trip to this place while driving along the coast on our way to Le Havre. If you are like us coming in with a car, be sure to keep in mind that parking places in this town are limited. It took us quite some laps around the town before we found a parking spot (and we arrived late between 18:00 – 19:00 PM!).

After we parked our car, first thing we did was head straight to the beach to enjoy the view. And boy what a view it is! The coast line looks amazing with the chalk white cliffs surging high into the sky if you are standing beneath them. The beach itself: not a fan. Pebbles everywhere (you are also not allowed to take the pebbles with you, chance of getting fined). But the view: worth it.

After enjoying that amazing view for hours, we decided to go for dinner at one of the restaurants next to the boulevard. If you want to try mussels (or are a big fan of it) be sure to give it a go!

Once we ate, we decided to go on a short stroll through the village. The style of building and warm lights give it a cozy look.

All in all, Étretat is a perfect day trip. You can also cruise down the entire coastline and see more cliffs if that is to your liking. It is also possible to hike up to the cliffs at Étretat for a panoramic view. Lots to offer, but be sure that if you want to spend the night you book well in advance.