Oostende is a city located in the province West-Flanders in Belgium. It is centrally located in the beaches of the coastline of Belgium and is a perfect getaway if you want to have a nice beach day at Summer, or just feel the fresh wind in the other seasons!

We visited Oostende a few times, latest end of August of 2020. We wanted to stay close to the beach, and have parking available. Hotel Royal Astrid was the perfect spot for our short stay. The hotel is right next to the beach, has a nice restaurant and has private parking available (which you should book in advance, just to be sure you got a spot).

Just across the street of the hotel, you can already access the beach. With some nice beach cottages in front of you, and a humongous wall with old looking buildings in the back. Great place to go for a drink or grab something to eat. Be sure to explore the surrounding!

What did we do? We took long walks on the promenade, we had some nice Belgium beers at the bars there, ate good food in our hotel and also used the pool/facilities there. Great way to spend a weekend or a day on your way to other destinations!