2017 Recap: Uncensored Travels top 5 visits

2018, a new year equals new adventures and new plans for traveling to neat destinations throughout the world! I am not really a calendar looking guy, but it is cool to reflect on all the awesome places me and Sam visited in 2017. Which are the top 5 hotspots we enjoyed the most? Check it out below! In 2017 we visited 12 countries in total. From a bad ass trip through western Europe to the great walls of China. These 5 hotspots are our favorites and tips for you to visit in 2018 (in no particular order)! Spoiler picture šŸ™‚ :

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#1 Throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina

The one and only true food festival in the world: La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain. This one was on my bucket list for sooo long. Yes, of course there is a lot of controversy about the festival. But, experiencing this once in your lifetime is worth it! With Bunol located just 38 kilometers from Valencia, be sure to combine it with a great city trip.Ā  Be prepared to get dirty ;-).

The whole town changes into a war zone. First you get sprayed by water guns, later on it is every man and woman for themselves in a mayhem of tomatoes getting thrown from big trucks into the crowd. Be sure to get your throwing hand in the game!

La Tomatina is always at the end of August. The next La Tomatina’s are on the 29th of August in 2018 and the 28th of August in 2019. For tickets and more info, check here. Bucket list material y’all!! A blog will follow later on, so you can get your war face on and be prepared for the mayhem!

#2 Walking parts of the Great wall of China

Hunting for the 7 new world wonders of the world brought Uncensored Travel to China in 2017. We great wall of China is humongous and has so many diverse sections. We were fortunate to visit two parts of this amazing structure, the Simatai Wall near BejingĀ and the Overhanging Wall near Jiayuguan.

Walking towards the #overhanginggreatwall #greatwallofchina

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The Great Wall of China has it all. We loved the Overhanging Wall near Jiayuguan because of the peace and quiet in the region. Being up north near the border of Mongolia, few tourists venture their way to this region. Giving us the chance to make perfect pictures like these, with no one in the background:

And after walking up again:

You can enjoy a view like this walking back down.

With the Overhanging Wall being well restored and based in the desert, we also saw the more authentic looking Simatai wall near Beijing. A bit more tourists come here, because it is near the bigger cities, but the view you can discover here is just as breathtaking.

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#3 Reliving the horrors from World War II at Terezin memorial sight

A former fortress which during World War II got transformed into a concentration camp. It was not a extermination camp like Auschwitz, but still 33,000 people lost their lives during the war at the sight.

Before you enter you will see a huge graveyard in memory of those who died, with a big Jewish star representing the jews being deported to Terezin.

It is impressive, it is creepy and it will give you the chills walking throughout the sight experiencing life during the war for the poor souls sent to the camp. Blog will follow later in 2018 with more details about the entire camp.

#4 Instagram famous Kromlau, taking a picture with the RakotzbrĆ¼cke

During our roadtrip through Germany we saw a lot of pretty places, but the most amazing one was the Kromlau Park near the German-Polish border. This small park is famous on Instagram for one thing, the RakotzbrĆ¼cke which has a perfect reflection in the lake underneath it.

We visited it in March of the year and it was perfect. To read more about it, check out the blog we wrote here.

#5 Seeing the most impressive mausoleum protected by an entire Terracotta army

The Terracotta Army in Xi’An is one of the most famous sights in the world. It was ranked highly on our list, seeing the thousands of unique terracotta warriors is a must see in this life. The three different pits tell you stories about the past.

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Everywhere you look there are warriors protecting their emperor. Neat is it not?

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You can read all about our visit of the Terracotta Army here.

Honorable mentions

As stated before we traveled to 12 countries in total last year. Of course when you are making a top 5 you have to skip a lot of beautiful sights which were unforgettable as well. We loved visiting the Giant Buddha of Leshan, hiking up to the feet of this humongous statue.Ā  Drinking a nice cold beer in the old town of Prague. Doing a roadtrip throughout beautiful Switzerland. Visiting different nature parks in Germany, like the UNESCO world heritage site in Kassel.

2018 has a lot more to offer for Uncensored Travel. We already visited Bangladesh (check the blogs already written here) and have plans to visit some more breathtaking places, which are a secret for now ;-).

Thank you for reading and enjoying our work, wishing you the best travel experience in 2018!



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  1. Oh man! The Kromlou! It is such a picture perfect calendar image! Cheers to an awesome travel year with Bangladesh down already!

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