After leaving the hostel at 10, we got a Completo breakfast (the Chilean version of a hotdog, which is amazing) at Ravera, food court next to the plaza, before heading to the palace to see the change of guards.

At the palace, they do it big. There are around 40/50 soldiers playing in a fanfare, around 90 foot soldiers with rifles and 10 on horse with large spears. Whole show took like 25 minutes.

We decided to try our luck with the Bahai Temple once again, with the app Beat we got a ride for 6,050 pesos. Entrance is free, but inside the domeno photo’s are allowed, architecture from outside looks like a lotus, like the lotus temple in India. There is a nice park surrounding it for a relaxed walk. The religion is a blend of all the existing religions, welcoming everyone. Inside the building the leaves of the lotus go to the top, with the logo of Bahai as top point.

We took a beat to a restaurant called Jewel Of India, ranked number 13 in the city. Took a Biryani Lamb, which was okay, and chicken Jalfrezi which was awesome! A bit more expensive, but worth it if you have the taste for something else!

After that we did some shopping for shirts, snacks and picked up our bags took a beat to airport (this beat app we love!)

Got served by the worst sandwich artist from subway there who spilled half the extra paid guacamole and got the local ice creams from Palettas, but that did not bother us being not the most amazing thing because we were going off to Buenos Aires!

After a two hour flight we reached, we took an Uber for 700 pesos and got to our hotel to sleep and be fresh for a new adventure in Argentina tomorrow!