Today, we took the time to explore everything that Santiago has to offer. From the Plaza de Amas, to some tips of restaurants and hotspots we visited during the Free walking tour.

At 12:00 PM we woke up (after having a nice long nap!). We first headed to Plaza de Amas, after a quick stop we went to the Mercado Central. Here, you find a lot of sea food in restaurants and markets. We ate at Marisol, some sea bass and a king crab pie accompanied by two free Pisco sours. Food was delicious! It was a bit more expensive, but that is the capital for you. Between 7,000 to 11,000 for a main dish, but worth it!

We decided to join the 15:00 PM free walking tour, which took 4 hours to complete. On our way we saw little tents with fortune tellers, pedicures and massages. Meeting point Plaza de Amas. Once we reached the free walking tour gather spot we still had ten minutes spare, so we visited the cathedral dating back to the year 1748. Worth to go in, with its arches and long built sitting area filled with paintings, statues, shrines and lead windows it is an impressive sight.

Plaza de Amas is the heart of the city. In the year 1500, the Spanish were looking for el Dorado. The local tribes lived in this area before, so the Spanish had to overcome a lot of hassle to settle here. After agreeing with the natives they moved to the south. After the earthquake in 2010 the buildings got renovated five years ago. Museums are closed on Mondays, rest of the days open from 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM. The old palace and justice court are also located on the plaza. The weapon of the court is a local deer (huimun) from Patagonia and the condor.

The founder of the city is displayed on a horse statue. The horse does not have rings to display how hard it was for the Spanish to take claim of Chile. The current town hall is a former jailhouse.

The statue of Villalobos represents the locals, the 16 regions of Chile, broken face represents the broken heart of Mapuci culture who are fighting for their culture and the loss of their grounds.

We passed an exhibition in a museum, pre colombo art museum with everything before the Europeans came, with lots of posters of the Mapuci individuals. Congress building and the tribunal of justice building were located next to it. The supreme court is a public building and you can visit weekdays during 9 and 13.

Next stop pedestrian boulevard, with paintings on the pavement and with a lot of art. Area is called Bandera.

Next stop La Monera, the Presidents palace. 16 flags stand for the 16 regions. 1810 Chile got its independence.  Chilean flag stands for the white Andes, blue ocean, red bloodshed and the star stands for independence. There are many statues on the square in front of the palace.

Every two days in the morning there is a ceremony with the guardians of the palace, which is a real show. Lasts one hour starts and usually starts at 11:00 AM. We recommend checking if you could make it!

By the end of the 19th century the area of New York (Nueva York) was built , with bolsa de comercio statue standing tall at the entrance. The first skyscraper is built here, reminiscing the iron flat building of New York City.

During our walk we stopped to get a Mote Con Huesillos, a drink on the streets which is considered a desert. It is cooked wheat, juice and dried peaches. Tried one for 1,000, pesos quite sweet but nice.

We stopped at the opera house, which had a lot of different shows. There was a statue in front of kids in a fountain, which was a gift by Argentina for the 100 years of independence in 1910.

We passed Santa Lucia, which is all made. The hill is made green, built fountains and statues and not native plants were put here to cheer it up. The hill is like a labyrinth, on top a view of the neighborhoods around. There are also cheap markets located near it. Whole hike up and down is an hour.

The la strallia neighborhood was filled with hipster bars, filled with artistic murals. Art galleries and street markets.

The free walking tour had a 20 minutes break near a restaurant they have a collaboration with, and after the break we continued.

Victorian era, classic and modern floors are located in Liguria, a bar and restaurant. We passed some roof top bars and ice cream prepared with Chilean fruits.

Park Forestal is built by the river and the first of the city, it connects the different neighborhoods.  Pokemon is still popular here, and we saw some crazy zombie hordes running to catch em all. The first US consulate is next to the park, and because Chile is the first country to ban slavery there is an Abraham Lincoln statue.

Puerto Bellavista was the next stop, two main streets with a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes. You can find exclusive restaurants, cheap ones and regular at this area.

Last stop with the tour was Pablo de Rokha house. The house tells a story of the artist. Antonio said his goodbye.

We ate afterwards at Galindo. Good prices, okay food. We were together with Muriel from Brazil and Wiebke from Belgium, decided to use Beat, similar app like Uber, to go to the Bahai Temple. Sadly after 34 minutes of driving we ended up at a closed tour. For 4,600 pesos per one way we lost. No big deal, tomorrow we will try it again during the day! We took the cab Back to the city to get some rest for a brand new day.