Around 12:00 AM we arrived at our Hotel, Gran Hotel Argentina, located next to the Plaza de Mayo. We got a room all the way up on the 8th floor, great view over the widest avenue in the world and the obelisk of Buenos Aires!

Waking up in Gran Hotel Argentina with a great breakfast, our first stop of the day was the Uruguay embassy to collect Sam’s visa. Short Uber drive we were helped by some friendly embassy personnel.

Once that was done, we had to pick up our bags we left in Palermo at our first hostel before we left for Easter Island and book our ferry to Uruguay.

Last one (booking the ferry) first, we decided to walk, passing San Martin park we reached the Buquebus office. They arrange ferries to Colonia, Montevideo ans Punta del Este. We decided on a day trip to Montevideo for 5,696 pesos per person. During our walk we passed through the Puerto Madero neighborhood, famous for its skyscrapers.

We decided to eat in a top 3 steakhouse, because hey we are in Argentina! Al Carbón was our choice, ending up ordering a rib eye steak and sirloin. Food was amazing! Right amount of salt and well done cooked to perfection.


After that we visited Cementerio de la Recoleta, a huge and impressive cemetery. Not just any regular one, one with a lot of historic figures buried and all in their own crib. We took a map of the cemetery just outside in a small kiosk for 40 pesos. This was for me personally the highlight of the city, roaming around the spooky alleys of tombs each one unique to the other.

After walking between the dead, we decided to go back to our hotel. Tomorrow, our day trip to the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo!