VIDEO: Castle hunt in Romania

View over Brasov

Hey Travelers,

Me and my girlfriend visited Romania last November, with a cheap flight to Bucharest. We hired a car and visited some castles in the Brasov area in Transylvania. We visited the famous Peles Castle and Bran Castle as well as the Cantacuzino Castle. We just covered a small part of Transylvania, and there are so many more places to discover in this vast region so we surely visited again :).

Check out the video here or below!


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  1. Great video man! Romania seems so beautiful and the castles so “creeply” awesome! It’s definitly is one of my top5 places to visit next…

    • Robert Dolmans

      Thank you very much :)! Yes, the castles are awesome! And there are soooo many in Romania we still have to visit! This is just a small piece of the pie šŸ™‚

  2. Meg

    Very nice! Makes me want to be there, what an awesome trip.

  3. Great video šŸ™‚ Looks like you enjoyed the trip, have you been to Prague? You would love it, if you enjoyed Romania šŸ™‚

    • Robert Dolmans

      Thank you :)! Yes, I’ve visited Prague twice and will visit again end of this month!

  4. Sanskaara

    Wow! Loved all the castles. Definitely planning a trip after watching this!

  5. We’ve always wanted to visit Bresov, and had a wonderful visit in Bucharest. Thank you for the amazing video!

  6. Nicely captured and edited video.. i love castles

  7. Woah great video! Never been to Romania but know I want to go šŸ™‚

  8. sarah

    I’m from the US currently living in Romania! Great, fun video – yes the castles are amazing. I do prefer Peles over Bran just because of how much richer it is with every corner of the insides covered in detailing and furniture.

    • Robert Dolmans

      Thank you :). Sadly Peles was closed for maintenance when we visited so I can’t compare both castles.

  9. wow this looks all very mystic. Thank you for sharing šŸ™‚

  10. That was a great video man! Loved the castle and everything. Planning to come to Romania to shoot my own video capturing these castles.

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