Heyo Travelers,

Back in december 2014, Uncensored Travel went to New York City. We enjoyed the big apple very much! In this blog I will tell you why you HAVE TO visit New York, and particularly these 10 hotspots, at least once in your life!

Where to stay as a backpacker?

The YMCA in Harlem is perfect! Located in Harlem, but perfectly safe. The YMCA is located on 200 meters distance from the subway station (135th street), and Times Square is just 25 minutes away. Great thing, there is an IHOP just around the corner :).  Oh, and they have a swimming pool and a state of the art Gym you are free to use while staying there!

What to see

#1 Times Square

Times Square is a must experience in NYC. The billboards surrounding you everywhere you look, especially at night. Let it wow you.

#2 Wall Street

From Times Square we go to Wall Street. From the tourists to the business men and women. Ever watched the popular series Suits or The Good Wife? You will be in the center of your favorite series. And do not forget to take a picture with the bull :).

#3 One World Trade Center memorial

The One World Center is an impressive memorial of the 9/11 drama. The fountain with all the names of the victims surrounding it with in the back the big skyscraper, let it sink in and respectfully remember this horrific happening.

#4 Statue of Liberty

This big building can be visited by tour, or you can do the free version. The Staten Island Ferry is a free crossover towards Staten Island. It will pass the Statue of Liberty for some great shots.

#5 Flatiron Building

One of the most iconic skyscrapers in NYC is the Flatiron Building. The shape will catch your eye directly.

#6 Madison Square Garden

NYC is crazy about its sport teams. If you are able to visit a game (Basketball or Ice Hockey) or a concert you have to go! I am a basketball addict and visited the Brooklyn Nets at the New York Knicks. Sadly, the Knicks already struggled back in 2014 so I witnessed another loss. None of the less worth the experience.

#7 Empire State Building

The third highest building in the city and one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. You can visit the top of this tower for a great view or just see it everywhere you go in Manhattan.

#8 Rockefeller Center

If you wander further into Manhattan, be sure to stop by at the Rockefeller Center. The statue of Prometheus is the icon of this sight. Enjoy the shopping malls in the area!

#9 Central Park

In the middle of NYC you will find the big Central Park. Spend at least half a day here. It is fun watching the street artists, the nature surrounded by skyscrapers, the zoo and the different kind of people.

#10 High Line Park

This park is not as well known as Central Park, but nevertheless worth a visit. A former railroad transformed into a park, trees growing over the old railings. Is that not neat?


New York is awesome. Skyscrapers, parks, events and high life throughout the day. Visiting New York is always a good idea, whenever you go.

We recommend the winter time, they take christmas to the next level!