Travel the World by RV: Trips for Every Continent 

When most people think of RVing, they think about taking a trip around the US. Maybe seeing a couple of national parks or just going up to a lake for the weekend. But there are destinations all over the world that make for an incredible RV trip that we often don’t think about. Whether it’s Europe, Africa, or Australia, every continent has a route that is sure to change your life. Dreaming of seeing the world? Today we have some incredible trips for you and your RV regardless of the continent you choose.


Africa is a beautiful and large continent full of different cultures, climates, and languages. South Africa, Botswana and Namibia are some of the more budget-friendly countries to explore as they are easier on a budget in terms of food and fuel. One of the top destinations for a wildlife safari is Botswana’s Okavango Delta. This huge wetland sits at the edge of the Kalahari Desert, and seasonal flooding attracts a massive migration of animals from the dry hinterland making this one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries on earth. Explore the wetlands in dugout canoes (mokoros) that silently sail close to wildlife! Experience hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, zebra, buffalo, elephants, lions, leopards and cheetahs, making this the trip of a lifetime. The Garden Route will take you through classic African bush, desert, beaches and mountain passes, plus great national parks. Fancy some beach time? The Ocean Road to Cape Agulhas, is where oceans collide at the southernmost point of Africa – spectacular.

Elephants over Jipe Lake next to camping family, Tsavo West National Park, Kenya


Asia hasn’t quite become enchanted by the RV way yet and depending on where your travel, that may be obvious. China has driving restrictions and requires a special plate. Some countries such as Tibet require you to be accompanied by tour guides. But with a bit of planning you can head off the tourist trail and break out on your own four wheels. The RV way allows you access to areas still untouched by public transportation such as the Himalayas and the mystifying ‘Stans. The Silk Road is a journey for the daring. The northern route takes you through the Chinese province of Gansu and then splits into three routes, two taking you around the Taklamakan Desert, and the third jutting north through the mountains into Kazakhstan. 4WD is preferable for the uneven roads you’re guaranteed to encounter. Prepare to wild camp as commercial campgrounds and parks are rare.



It’s easy to assume Australia is just barren land. Though it’s stark, there is plenty of excitement off road. The driving is not too difficult on the long, open road. In parts of the country, you may travel several days without seeing a soul, but you will take in some incredible skies, scenery and wildlife. The land is ideal for off-grid, self-sufficient travelers. All along the coastline, there is a combination of beaches, coral reef, stunning forests and spectacular cultural centers. The entire country is really friendly for RV travel so you can decide whether you want to do a cross-country road trip or take an extended adventure in one specific area.

Australia has one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world. If you’re a sea lover, you’re thoroughly going to enjoy this route. Following the ocean route is a 249-mile trip starting in Torquay and ending in Nelson on the South Australian border. Start in Melbourne and be sure to stop at Anglesea, the Otway Fly Treetop Walk, and other stunning coastal towns where you can see wildlife and taste some of the local produce.

South America

Starting at the southern-most point of the Pan-American Highway, following the coast of the Pacific Ocean you will be able to stop and explore many different landscapes in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Brazil. Planning on taking this route and the biggest challenge will be where you want to spend your time.

Argentina is one of the most RV-friendly countries, mainly due to the pleasant weather, lake district and wineries along the way. Amazonia National Park in Brazil is a place to see some of the oldest untouched rainforest in the world. Depending on your interests, you might want to stay in one place to get a real feel for it. Some of the more adventurous types might prefer to drive the entire highway and see it all. Either way, you will not be disappointed especially if you remain flexible. The adventure possibilities are endless, from wide-open ocean to deep-unexplored rainforest, volcanoes, beach villages and more. This continent is begging to be explored.

North America

Continuing north along the Pan-Pacific Highway into the US and Canada, RV options will become more and more abundant as North America is full of fantastic road trips and amazing campsites. From rolling plains to towering mountains, tiny towns, and superb road networks, the USA has long been known as an RV haven. This country’s vast national parks are often busy with travelers, but there are many other opportunities to explore this beautiful land. Big Sur California is a classic winding road along the coast, sprinkled with restaurants and diners on the ocean cliffside. Up north on Crater Lake Rim Drive, Oregon you’ll find a 53km trail skirting the deep-blue Crater Lake. Drive through Badlands Loop Road in South Dakota and find wildlife and fossil-filled prairie lands. Explore the country’s mother road – Route 66 – or park in Bryce Canyon National Park to watch sunrise over a series of amphitheaters and pinnacles. Further north is the wilderness of Canada. Many travelers head to the West Coast for the warmer weather, exquisite island hoping adventures, and mountains of wildlife including grizzly bears. On the East Coast, you can get off the beaten track and trace the St Lawrence River from Quebec to the coast but be sure to watch for beluga whales.

If you’ve never explored North America before or you just to experience a unique piece of its history, then Route 66 is for you. There have been poems, books, movies, and songs, all referencing to this famous stretch of highway and for good reason. The beach meets the desert and you go from enjoying jazz to enjoying the wild west. Starting in Chicago, you’ll head through, Texas, the Grand Canyon, and Los Angeles. You might even want to take a detour to Las Vegas if you’re feeling lucky.


Western Europe is well suited up for independent travel. You can easily dart from country to country, seeing history on every corner and spectacular views in every town. Crossing national borders is fairly easy and you can take in the tiny villages and stunning scenery that typical organized tours don’t allow time for. Eastern Europe is a different experience, however. They are not yet used to RV traffic and roads are often in poor condition. You may feel a bit obvious in your camper, but the hold out for the rewards found in offbeat stretches where you have precious isolation. Take Helsinki to the Arctic Circle where tree-lined roads take you to the Arctic tundra, a silent wilderness scattered with reindeer. The well-travelled Romantic Road in Germany is a beautiful route that takes you through medieval towns and castles. The rugged Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the most stunning drives in the world and worth the traffic in tourist season.

There are few better ways to see the world than traveling by RV, so plan your trip today and get out on the open road! There are trips all over the world that make for an unforgettable RV trip with friends and family. Though they may require a bit more planning, they are absolutely worth traveling at least once in your lifetime.



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  1. This post could not have come at a better time!! I’m actually putting together a few ideas for my clients who are RV’ing enthusiasts! I had no idea that Argentina was so RV friendly, what a unique way to see that country.

  2. Traveling by RV looks so amazing! We are starting to think about planning a trip out west (USA) and renting an RV to drive for a few weeks!

  3. I’ve always thought it would be so much fun to take some time and RV around the United States! Last summer I did the classic Western USA road trip but in a car. An RV would’ve been so much fun!

  4. We just started traveling by RV in 2018. The US as you say is well suited for it. It is good to hear about RVing in South America. My husband i not comfortable with it, but I will now look into it a bit more.

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