Half day trip to Rhine Falls (Rheinfall), the largest waterfalls of Europe

The Rhine Falls (or in German, Rheinfall) is located on the north of Switzerland, just across the boarder of Germany. The waterfalls are not so high (just 23 meters) but their width (150 meters) makes up for it! If you are on a trip through Switzerland, Rhine Falls is definitely worth a stop!

What is there to see?

Once you arrive on the sight, the first thing that you will come across is the big RHEINFALL sign at the parking lot near the entrance. You know you are at the right spot!

At the entrace of the Rhine Falls

Quickly get your ticket from the register (no need to book in advance, only 5 CHF!) and make your way to the entrance!

Once you go to the gate you reach the entrance where you put your purchased ticket in and you arrive on the first platform, there are 3 different platforms which each their own view on the waterfalls. It is a short climb down, nothing too intense and can also be done by those who are not so fit. There is even an elevator to take you all the way up and down!

The first platform gives a great overview from the top. Once you lean over the small brick wall, you know you are at the right place.

The waterfalls have formed over the last 20,000 years (since the last ice age) to its current formed state today.

The more you go down, the closer you can get to the waterfall.

All the way down you will find a big platform right on the same level as the middle of the waterfall. Be ready to get wet, and enjoy! We were lucky that there was absolutely no one downstairs!

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And downstairs you can hear the water pouring down like:

Is that not the most awesome thing?!

To sum it up, Rhine Falls is a great short stop if you are doing a tour through Switzerland. It is easy accessible by car, but also public transport is doable (check here).

Good to note, at the entrance there is a restaurant and near the parking lot there are public restrooms (for free) and a souvenir shop with a lot of neat Swiss things!

Time to visit: all year
Entrance fee: 5 CHF, which is a bit more than € 4,-
Parking: Free!
Estimated time needed: 1-2 hours


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  1. We will visit Switzerland next month; nice to hear about these waterfalls. My kids will certainly like this.

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