3 Castles to Visit while in Transylvania, Romania

In december 2016 we visited Bucharest, Romania. Instead of just doing a city trip we decided to hire a car and drive around to do some castle hunting! We visited the Bran, Peleș , and Cantacuzino Castle during our mini roadtrip. And we must say, all these castles can be recommended! Want to find out how we experienced it? Read on!

Canons and castles, awesome.

Peles Caștle
The Peles Castle is located near Sinaia. The castle itself was built in the 19th century and is located on a complex which also include the Pelișor Castle and Foișor Hunting Lodge. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and will take your breath away. Unfortunately the castle was closed for visitors due to maintenance during our visit, so we were unable to peak inside. Be sure to stay for a night shot as well, the lighting of the castle gives a spooky look :). There are a lot of souvenir shops in the area, so have a go on some neat stuff!

Bran Castle
The Bran Castle is located near the city Brașov. It is not only a national monument, it is one of the landmarks of Romania! The fortress is build on a huge rock. The Bran Castle is widely known as Dracula’s Castle, making it a hotspot for tourists. In reality the notorious  Vlad Țepeș (on who Dracula’s story is written) never lived in the castle. The castle is now a dedicated museum, for a 35 lei entrance fee you can see the expositions dedicated to displaying different kinds of artwork, furniture and even armor!

One insder tip, go to the Casa din Bran to get an amazing view over the Bran Castle like this:

Perfect view over Bran Castle

Awesome shot, is it not? 😉

 Cantacuzino Castle
The  Cantacuzino Castle in situated in Bușteni. The castle is not so famous as the two mentioned before, but it is worth the trip! The construction was completed in 1911 and the castle is open for the public. There is a park infront of the castle with a natural spring with a few caves. If you go in the winter there will be a lot of ice and you can walk through the caves for some cool shots!

Keep in mind that Romania is super cheap. Renting a car is the easiest way to get around and be really flexible visiting all the hotspots you want to see. There are a lot of different castles, fortresses and monasteries in Romania. The medieval ages have really left their mark in the country and a lot of beautiful buildings are well preserved!

Want to see the above castles in detail? We also made a video on YouTube for your amusement: Dracula Land Romania, Castles in Transylvania | Bran, Peles , Cantacuzino Castle

Enjoy the beauty of Romania to the fullest!

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