Bruneck (German pronouncing, in Italian Brunico) is the largest town in the Puster Valley near the Austrian border. We passed the town driving through Italy to get to Innsbruck, and had a stop at the Bruneck castle to enjoy the views over the old town and the castle itself.

We started our journey from Lienz, to go towards Austria and decided to stop anytime we saw something cool.

And then, I spotted from farthe Bruneck castle. I just had to stop!

The castle is situated right on top of a hillside, with a gorgeous view over the town if you hike on top. There is a parking on the ground level and a path taking you straight to the gate of the castle. It dates from the 1200s and is built by a bishop (more historical information can be found here).

From the hill side, you have a view over the town of Bruneck in its full glory. Really pretty!

There are pathways around the entire castle, with amazing view everywhere. Perfect little getaway to walk off that long drive!

After an hour walk through the surroundings (the castle was closed unfortunately), we took a drive through the old town. It looks like you are still in Austria, but in reality you are in Italy!

There is another distinctive building in Bruneck, the Church of the Assumption of Mary. This yellow colored church is huge if you stand in front of the two towers, and has a cool view on the castle as well from a ground level.

Church of the Assumption of Mary
Church of the Assumption of Mary
View from Church of the Assumption of Mary to the Bruneck castle

The old town itself has more charm to it, and unfortunately we could not spend a few more hours to relax in this beautiful town!