Today, we planned a long day of travel and activities. Starting the day with waking up around 7:30 AM to get our stuff packed, quick breakfast at the hostel before our host Gustavo dropped us to the Argentinian border again around 8:45 AM to see the Argentinan side of Iguazu.

Gustavo brought us again, and around 10 am we arrived. We got lucky and straight away got boat ride ticket to go close to the falls. After purchasing the entrance tickets (850 pesos per person) we went to the jeep pick up, for an half hour ride towards the boat through the jungle of Iguazu. Above us a lot of big spiders while driving. If you do not like bugs, be prepare to endure them :-).

At the boat we got a waterproof bag for our belongings and life vest, after that 30/40 minutes of boat ride to get close to the falls, there we enjoyed the view and a total of three showers right next to the waterfalls. What a thrill! The power of the water on the boat makes you soaked from head to toe!

At the exit a lot of butterflies and a Kaimen showing themselves to us, as well as dozen of monkeys.

Headed back to the park to take the free train up to the devils throat, the top of the falls from Caretas station. It is a 20 minutes walk to the point, passing a lot of butterflies and fish (again).

View from the train rail

Once at the point, a mass of people to a spectacular sight of the falls from above. we spend some time enjoying the view here before heading back to our hostel.

Our clothes were washed but not dried yet in the meantime, so we had to fill out suitcases with half dried clothes because we had to catch our flight.

Once we reached the airport of Iguazu for our fligh which had a long layover in Sao Paulo. Because of that, we had to get our luggage from the airport without a connecting flight. Once we arrived around 21:30 PM in Sao Paulo we decided to get a bed nearby, in a motel called Vision. Once the Uber took us there we Arrived at the door where there were red lights like de prostitute area of Amsterdam, it was a motel for pleasure we found out soon enough. Flyers of dildos and mirrors everywhere in the room, plus people next to us having a good time.  We ordered some burgers and fries from the motel which we got through a nice shaft. Man, that was an experience. But, at least we got the chance to dry our clothes in the room and get a few hours of sleep for our flight the next day to our last stop: Rio de Janeiro!