Waking up at the X-rated motel with our clothes getting dried everywhere in the room from the wash of yesterday, we quickly packed up got an Uber (legal in Brazil, different than the other latin countries we visited) and caught our flight to Rio de Janeiro at 8;35 AM in the morning.

During the flight we got the amazing view crossing the city of Rio, Christ the redeemer is standing tall over the city and all the landscapes looked from the sky!

Once we arrived at the airport of Rio we saw Uber signs everywhere, first country we visited that promoted Uber! After a 25 minutes uber ride we arrived at our fancy hotel to end our trip honey moon style. Right next to the Coppacobana beach, the Windsor California hotel. We decided to end our honeymoon fancy, got a seaside room. Once we entered we got a welcome champagne, and after the paper work was done we went to the city.

First we ate just around the corner some local food, very good an cheap (55 real for two drinks and two meals). Because of Easter and holy Friday we could not buy a sim card, so we used WIFI wisely to use Uber from one hotspot to another. After a quick stop at the nearest shopping mall we went to the Trem de Corcovado, the tram station to go up Tijuaca National Park to visit Christ the Redeemer. Arriving we saw that the Tram was booked until 18:20 PM, but mini vans people were outside selling their trip of 35 real per person. We took it, but we should have used Uber to go up and use the free WIFI at the station we realized afterwards.

After 20/25 minutes drive we arrived on top, had to walk a few minutes to the top to purchase our tickets for the 14:45 PM entrance, 44 real per person where the tickets for the high season. No que at all, great view on top!

Once we entered, they make a photo of you with a poster with the statue on itā€¦. tourist trap to sell pictures later on (don’t do it). We then took another mini van from the park to go on top.

Short 10 minutes walk on stairs up passing snack stands, a restaurant and several souvenir shops we got to the statue. Too crowded! It is the least impressive of the new world wonders I saw so far. People are like zombies everywhere trying to take a photo in the same pose as the statue. What was more impressive was the view over Rio from the top, amazing sights! Statue? Meh, if you want to see the new world wonders you have to go, but the crowd makes it not feel so special. Behind the statue is a small chapel. We went back down, bought some small souvenirs and went back to the mini van. Had to wait like 20 minutes before they picked us up. Once down we bought some bigger souvenirs from street sellers, better quality than the shops!

Took Uber back to the hotel, finally ready to check our view. Went to another buffet restaurant just beside us on the boulevard, had 25 real all you can eat for some tasty food. Servants bringing pizzas, pasta and chicken around and a buffet to take your food. Most impressive was how they cut pizza with two knifes like a scissor, making quite a show.

After that strolling on the boulevard, lots of souvenirs, caipiranhas and bars with nightlife until late! Great way to end a day and to finally relax during our honey moon.