Budapest, the capital of Hungary, for a whole weekend with a gang of lads. Sightseeing, beers and fun guaranteed! Laying next to the river Danube, this city has a lot to offer and is perfect for that weekend getaway! Here are our 10 must do’s!

Once you arrive at the airport, be sure to use the shuttle service at the main exit. Prices differ per group size (1 passenger € 17,50, 2 passengers € 10,60 per person, 3 passengers € 7,00 per person and 4 passengers € 5,30 per person in winter of 2019). Also public transport (the metro) is very accessible for your ventures through the city! Now let us get started with our 10 must do’s!

  1. Stroll down the magnificent streets

Budapest and its historical city center is just awesome to browse through. Visit little shops, food stalls and pubs. You will be enjoying it to the max!

2. Taste the food!

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash with dumplings was my favorite! Chicken made with paprika with enormous taste! Also Goose is a delicacy worth a try! For street food I recommed you check out Karaván, a popular small street with a lot to offer! Goulash and more 🙂

3. Ruin pubs

A visit to Budapest is not complete without spending some time in the Ruin pubs! At night this place is an amazing gathering of people having fun, during the day you can find little shops with entrepreneurs running them with their unique designs and items!

4. Enjoy the view of the St. Stephen’s Basilica

One of the most important and religious buildings in whole Hungary, inside you can see the right hand (at least that is what they say) of the first King of Hungary! Outside, the huge entrance gives a spectacular view.

5. Parliament Building

This building cannot be missed. Built in the Gothic Revival style, it is one of the largest buildings in Hungary and housing hundreds of parliament offices. Very impressive! Be sure to get a view from the other side of the river, an even better shot 🙂

7. Strolling through the Danube promenade

The big castle of Budapest catches your attention when strolling passed the Danube promenade. Also the Széchenyi Chain Bridge just in front of the building takes your breath away! Enjoy the Danube promenade for some great views over the river!

8. Hire a private karaoke room & go clubbing

Who doesn’t love a good old karaoke? In Budapest, it is everywhere! Most fun? If you are with a group, hire a space of your own! Unlimited drinks and singing good old 90’s and 00’s, what’s not to love?

And come on, you are in Budapest! Beer is everywhere, pubs and clubs to your choosing. Make sure you enjoy! 🙂

9. Heroes’ square

The Heroes’ square houses an iconic monument which features depictions of the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars, who are believed to have led the Hungarian people from central Asia to the Carpathian basin.

10. Széchenyi Thermal Baths

Visit these medicinal nature baths, the largest bath complex of Europe! Enjoy the relaxing power of the thermal pools and feel like a prince/princess afterwards ;-).