From far and wide within Leipzig, you will see this enormous monument standing 91 metres tall! The monument was built between 1898 and 1913 and is a sight you must visit when in Leipzig!


Let us talk about the specs of this incredible building that architect Bruno Schmitz used: 120,000 cubic metres of tamped concrete and 26,500 blocks of granite porphyry created the mass of 300,000 tons reaching a total area of 85,000 square metres. This makes is the largest monument on the European continent!

Things to see

On the exterior of the momument you will find a lot of detailed work. From the archangel Saint Michael making a big appearance at the entrance to the top of the huge dome: there are a lot of details to admire.

On the inside there are sixteen warrior statues guarding the first floor. Each standing at 6 metres tall, it is a sight! The dome on top has some impressive features as well, with huge windows decorated with moments from the war to remember.

On the outside there is a huge reflecting pool on your way to the main entrance. The monument is surrounded by oaks (standing for endurance and strength of the German people).

Reflecting pool view towards the monument
View from top towards the reflecting pool and over Leipzig