Mallorca – El Arenal, the German party enclave

Mallorca, the biggest Island of Spain is really known for being an amazing party place. Especially the Germans and British love to go all out here! It is my favorite party Island in Europe, and I am really loving the German part (saying that as a Dutchie ;-)). I have been to Mallorca – El Arenal for five years, and I will tell you why the German and Dutch area is a must to experience this amazing place atleast once in your lifetime, and where to go!

How to get there

Different (cheap) airlines within Europe fly to Palma de Mallorca airport. From there you can take either the metro, bus or a taxi. I usually take a taxi (want to get as fast as possible to the beach, as you will reach El Arenal in 15 minutes), which will costs you between 20 – 30 euros (they will add taxes on the ride for suitcases, persons, etc), depending where you booked your hotel. The bus is a lot cheaper and a good alternative if you travel on a budget, The metro is very modern, both metro lines are fairly new (2007 and 2013 respectively).

Best time to visit?

Are you going for party? Then visit the island between beginning June and end of August. Especially the second half of June until the second week of August because of the public holidays in Europe.

El Arenal, now what?

Start your day with a breakfast, choose between something Spanish in one of the many side streets or go straight to the boulevard for breakfast meals. During the day you should enjoy the beach, the water is blue and has a nice temperature. I can recommend to lay somewhere between balero 2 and 4 (balero’s are the fancy bars on the boulevard, each one marked with a number), here there are no pesky rocks you have to conquer before going for a quick dive. Back in the days the beach were a party zone, with young people bringing their own soundsystems and drinking buckets of sangria and beer. Sadly, the government wants to make the island a more family friendly zone, meaning that the police patrols the boulevard a lot and give out high fines to anyone disobeying the rules. If you feel like a party in the afternoon you can always check Mega Park, they have a lot of themed parties during the day as well. A lot of different style of dancers (they import a lot of Eastern European girls who look good, but they also have professional dancers and acrobats, so you will not be disappointed).

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If you feel hungry just browse the boulevard for a variety of restaurants. I can recommend Double Dutch Mallorca and Tex Mex, but be free to discover for yourself!

If you want some cheap sunglasses or other small stuff you can bargain with the African street sellers. Just do not fall for their ‘what’s up brother/helmut/terminator’ handshake which they use to give you a necklace or bracelet ‘for free’ but end up asking you for money for their 20 young children back in their home country.


Get some good food and anywhere between 8 and 10 P.M., head towards Mega Park again. Here you will meet your fellow partyanimals, mainly Germans. Just get a table, order some beer or mix drink like vodka lime (you can also order a tower of your favourite liquor) and enjoy the show. German music playing loud, everyone singing the lyrics and everyone goes ‘auf die stuhle’, were all the Germans will get on the stools to drink from their meter long straws connected to their mixdrinks, a-ma-zing. Enjoy the acts around, like Rinaldo the football wonder who will amaze you with his tricks, dancers coming from the ceiling with balloons and acrobatic styles and beautiful women on the dancing blocks. Around 12 P.M. the music in Mega Park will go off, and you can choose. Make your way to the different bars the Park has to offer, like Mega Arena underneath the Park, or go on for the other great german Bars like Bierkönig, a huge beergarden terrace and club as well, and Oberbayern for your German dosis of songs. Later on you can go towards balero 1 where the Dutch area is with bars like Heeren van Amstel and Veronicas for a great afterparty! 

Next day..

Breakfast, beach, Mega Park, clubbing. You are on a party island remember?

4 or 5 days is all you need, and maybe 2 extra days of holiday when you are home to recover. I needed it :).


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      Hi, thank you for the kind words! I will try to keep my humoristisc style as much as possible in my writings 🙂

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