Blausteinsee;  Lake in Eschweiler, Germany

Blausteinsee is a lake located in Eschweiler, Germany. It is close to the city of Aachen. Yes, it is a lake not a sea (in German language ‘see’ is lake and ‘mehr’ is sea).

The sight is 100 hectares big, and the lakes deepest point is 46 meters.

The company that runs the place (freizeitzentrum) offers different things to do around and in the lake. Diving, surfing, boats, canoes, surfing, swimming, hiking and cycling all can be done at the lake!

The lake is not hard to find, if you arrive to the area just drive all the way through, there is a parking spot just near the lake for just 2 euros where you can park your vehicle. From the city of Aachen the drive by car will take you around 30 minutes.

I surely enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and cold swim while it was 30+ degrees!

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So, if you are ever in the area of Aachen or Cologne and in need of a dip in the water or in need of some nature, blausteinsee is a good place to visit!


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  1. Hier bietet sich besonders Lammfell an. Der Stoff oder dieses Material ist besonders weich und zur gleichen Zeit schonend fürs Pferd.

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