Started the day with a small hike up the sand dune to get a morning view over Huacachina and strolling around the morning glow around the oasis. The reflection of the sand dunes in the water is amazing! After that we had a breakfast infront of the oasis to enjoy the view.

Around 12:45 we had to take the bus again. First stop is at a wineyard called el Catado, here we could taste the local Pisco’s and learn about them. The tour was about 45 minutes and included in the Peru hop ticket. We got a tour through the entire winery, and because of the weather and preference of the people of Peru all the wines are sweet. 

After a short tour we tried 4 types of wines and two Pisco types, even bought some souvenirs from there for home!

Back on the bus we passed through the Andes mountains, pretty impressive!

After that we arrived around 17:30 to Nasca to view three of the Nasca lines.
The Nasca lines can be divided in three groups, simple ones with similar lines, geometric figures and the drawings which are the most famous ones. Crossing hands, tree and lizard we could see from the viewing tower. Nice to see it once, but expected it to be bigger.

After that we had lunch in Nasca for 20 soles per person arranged by Peru hop at la Encantana, was not the best but it was okay. We headed to our destination which we are going to reach at 5 am in the next morning: Arequipa.