In this day I will take you along our adventures on the airport and getting just in time to see Iguazu waterfalls from the Brazilian side. Lots of travel on one day, but we made it at the end!

Late at midnight we tried to book our suitcases with Andes airlines, the airline we booked before for our flight to Iguazu. Man, they suck. They have this visa payment thing where you have to select months of spread payment, of course we do not have this in Europe. It did not accept our credit cards, so we had to wait till the call center opened to assist us. At 9:00 AM they finally opened, three hours before our flight. The lady was helpful and approved the payment. 9:02 AM we could finally check in, because the page was not stuck on the payment of package anymore, but we were too late. Andes only allowed you to check in three hours before the flight. We called again, dude was super rude and said it was our fault. We were getting annoyed and took an Uber to Newbury airport. Staff was super helpful and didn’t have to pay extra. One hour flight delayed, flight looked like it fell apart. Really crappy.

Another house of rock meal and 1,5 hour flight later we landed in the by forest surrounded city of Iguazu, Argentinian side.

After getting off board we quickly got our bags and Gustavo from our hostel fixed us a ride to the border of Brazil where our hostel was located. After 20/30 minutes we got there, Gustavo picked us up and quickly got us through immigration to make sure we were at the Brazilian side of Iguazu at 15:30 PM, it was open untill 18:30 PM!! To see this side you just need two hours. The entrance was 70 per person, we bought water at the entrance for 6 for a small bottle. It comes with bus ride, three stops in total. First stop is a trial of 9 KM, second stop is a 2 hour boat ride for 3 KM trial and the third and our stop is for the famous panoramic view.

We only went to the last stop, and boy was it worth it. Ones you step out, you see these beautiful falls everywhere you can look.

Iguazu park is 180 hectares big. The tallest waterfall is as tall as a 26 stories building. Scenic trial is 1,5 KM long, built on the river sloap of Iguazu. We saw Racoons, eagles, lizards and rainbows everywhere around us along the pathway. The pathway ends at a viewing platform which also has a sightseeing tower you can access (with restaurant and gift shop).

The view from the platform is awesome, but be ready for some wet clothes since you are very close to the waterfalls!

Also the top of the sightseeing tower is worth it, giving you a view up close to the waterfall.

Once done, Gustavo was waiting for us at the entrance of the park. We had a nice local dinner at the hostel, and went to bed. Tomorrow: Argentinian side of Iguazu!