One day, two capitals. We started at 1 am in Buenos Aires, reached from Ushuaia. Tried to get an Uber but they all declined because of the area our hostel was inā€¦ so we where forced to take a cab. After waking up we found out that we stayed in the SOHO area of BA, so food hunt! Or, that is what we thought. Restaurants open between 12 and 14, and we planned to head to the airport around 12:30. We ended up in a local pastry shop buying sweets. Such a disappointment!

We got to our luggage drop off to collect our big suitcase because our hostel agreed to keep it with them for a week, for free! Amazing Venezuelan owner who only asked in return for was a positive booking response, well he deserved that!

We took an Uber for 20 USD to Ezeria airport, which is almost an hour from the center. Once checked in we had McDonald’s (gate 15) to ensure a hot meal before we head back to Santiago again at 15:20 PM. Around 17:00 PMwe reached.

After we did an hour on finding how to top our Entel sim card we got an Uber to get to the city center for some groceries. Easter Islands are quite expensive to eat out, and you are allowed 40 kg per person to bring to the Island. First we went to an Indian shop for some spices and frozen food to bring. After a dinner at a Mongolian Restaurant nearby we took another Uber, this time Max who spoke English and gave us his contact details for things to do in the city!

Staying another night in the airport to wake up early there, 6 AM next day flight to Easter Islands!!