Panama City: an overview

In 2015 Uncensored Travel backpacked hroughout Central America. The first country to start this journey was Panama, landing in the capital: Panama City.  In this blog I will write you my experiences seeing this city in two days.

Panama City view

If you look for a hotel or hostel..

.. Be sure to look out for the area called Marbella. This area is located near the oceanside which has a great view! Marbella itself can be a bit grimey though, with holes in the street which sometimes takes you to scenes of these survival series.

The Boulevard

In the boulevard you will find different food stables, fitness equipment and football (European one, the real football) fields. It is not a weird sight to see hundreds of locals moving their bodies in a public Zumba class!

Going to the Panama Canal

Public transport is cheap and reliable to use. Inside Panama City you can take the Metro for about 35 cents towards the local busstation and from there you pay 40 cents to visit the famous Panama Canal. There are tours you can do on boats and also a tour about the history of the canal starting from € 50,-. We did not do it, but to help you find something more about it read here.  The entrance fee to the museum is € 15,- (also did not visit, I am not a museum person). Be sure to walk on a bit further, here you can see the Canal and the big boats from behind some fences. Takes a 15 minute walk to find a good spot to view the Canal for free.

Casco Viejo

The old city center of Panama City is Casco Viejo. Here you can find buildings build in the old Spanish style. It has a lot of colorful streets and cool shops to spend an afternoon in. It is easy accesible by Metro. Any ruins have been decorated with graffiti art.


To conclude, Panama City is a good starting point for a trip through Central America. It is a central point to go further south towards South America or to go your way up towards the States. Panama as a country is beautiful. Panama City is a cool stopover for a few days. The party scene is also worth it, but there are many more places to see in this beautiful country.


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  1. Great review. Haven’t visited yet, looks pretty interesting. Love your pictures as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would join the public Zumba class for sure! The area seems full of energy! I like that you can go visit the Panama Canal easily. I went through it on a cruise once and it is quite fascinating.

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