The capital of the big US of A has a lot of impressive sights to see. Everyone knows the White House and Capitol, but what else is there to see? Read on for more!


Washington is doable on foot. Walk through the different memorials remembering the fallen heroes during several big wars in the past. Visit museums for free while walking towards the Capitol. View the White House. Go to the Zoo. Visit the Pentagon sight or enjoy an American sports game.  Here is a top 5 of must do’s!


There are several memorials memorating the different wars the USA was a part of. The Korean War Veterans Memorial consists of 19 soldier statues representing the Armed Forces who were active during the war. The wall in the back is a symbol for the border between the two Koreas.

The World War II memorial honors the fallen soldiers during the biggest war of the last century. We were lucky enough to visit while a ceremony was going on. Really an impressive sight!

One of the eyecatchers is the Washington Monument, a big obelisk which can be seen from far.

The Lincoln Memorial is my favorite. The big statue of Abraham Lincoln is impressive. Honoring the 16th president of the USA. The Greek style of the marble building in which the statue is placed makes the sight also appealing from the outside.

To remember the battle against Japan during World War II, the Iwo Jima Memorial was built. It is made after a famous picture created of marines raising the flag of the USA. Seeing this big flag roaming high in the sky is one amazing view.

Commemorating the Vietnam War. The Three Soldiers bronze statue is a small memorial in between the different memorials. But the statue has something appealing about it!


The Three Soldiers

There are a lot more memorials to discover. Want to find out more, check here.


Washington d.c. is a city with a lot of politicians, some of the government buildings will catch your eyes, you will probably recognize from all the movies! From viewing the White House, seeing the amazing Capitol and visiting the Pentagon, especially the memorial remembering 9/11 is very breathtaking.


Love museums? You are at the right place in Washington d.c.! Myself I do not really fancy museums a lot, but the free entry makes it easy to quickly peak.

Visiting the Washington Zoo

Just like the museums and memorials, the Washington Zoo is also free to enter. Highlight? Panda Bears! :). Check out the website of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo here. They also have a live cam where you can see the three Giant Panda Bears throughout the day!

American Sports

Washington d.c. is home to several major league sports teams. If you visit the city and got time to experience sport on the highest level, GO! Tickets can be cheap. As a basketball fanatic myself, I loved visiting the local NBA team: the Washington Wizards. Fancy some American Football, Baseball, College or Ice Hockey? Be sure to check out if there are any games during your stay!