Cozumel Island: Get lost in beauty

The island of Cozumel is located in the Caribbean Sea, opposite of the famous tourist place Playa del Carmen. The island is a tourist hotspot. It offers various activities like snorkeling and scuba diving but it also offers beautiful white sanded beaches with water as clear as European tap water.

Getting there

Cozumel is easily accessible from Playa del Carmen. There is ferry which runs from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM (only back from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen). The ferry costs $ 10,50 USD per adult and $6,25 USD per kid. The ferry runs 365 days a year and the ride takes about 45 minutes. For the actual times see the website here.

How does the ferry look like?

… Just joking 😉 this is a picture of a boat we saw from the coastline. Here is a real picture:

Coming from Cancun? There are buses taking you straight to Playa del Carmen.

What to see?

You can book your activities online, in Playa del Carmen before you go on the Ferry or on the island itself. There are different stands where you can go onto a boat with a panorama deck, scuba diving, snorkeling or other boat trips. We were with the two of us.

My friend has a license in scuba diving, so he went into the ocean. Me? I hired a scooter and drove throughout the entire Island. There is a big road you can follow which passes the beaches. There are a lot of open beaches accessible for everyone. The clearness of the water is just perfect! The scooter rental was $35 USD, be sure to negotiate a bit ;).

While exploring the Island..

Be sure to make a few pit stops. There are several bars on the beach side where you can get a burger and some fuel for yourself :). I can recommend the Rastas Bar!

And they have some special discounts 😉

And after you are all powered up, go for a swim in the clear water. Find a quiet place to enjoy the surroundings!

On your way back waiting for the ferry after a day of your activities, you can go to one of the many bars located near the harbor to get a drink before you go back to the mainland.

Cozumel is worth a day trip! It has many activities and beauty to offer. Perfect to add to your trip to Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Do not forget to visit the cenotes and Chichen Itza when you are in the area! More on that in later blogs :).






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  1. Lindsay

    I really want to visit this Island when I go to Cancun this summer. Thank you so much for this post :)!!

  2. Hola!! beaches are my fav and hence I read word by word. Loved the videos that you have added. They surely tempt me to visit the place.

    • Robert Dolmans

      Good to hear :)! Oh yes, the beaches alone here are worth the visit!

  3. We were near yet so far. Shame we missed to visit this place while in Cancun. What a vibrant island!

  4. Jen

    Good to know that are more things going on around the popular playa del carmen.

  5. Hi Robert, good post! Which beaches are the most beautiful in Cozumel? I’ve heard some are beautiful white sand with clear water and others have rocks. Thoughts?

    • Robert Dolmans

      Hi Todd, if you drive to the other side of the Island (opposite of the Ferry harbor) there are stretched out white sand beaches with water as clear as tap water. You can not miss it!

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