Boquete – a piece of Heaven on Earth

Boquete is one of my favorite spots to ever visit! This small town in the west of Panama only has 20,000 inhabitants of whom a lot are retired Americans and/or Europeans who saw this piece of heaven as the perfect spot to spent their old days. That must already mean something, right? Boquete has a lot to offer, and is a must visit if you are travelling through Central America!


The activity that Boquete is world famous for is its several hiking paths. Unfortunately the death of two Dutch students back in 2014 gave Boquete some unwanted exposure, but visiting this place and participate in a safe way to the hiking opportunities will brighten your life! There are a lot of hikes you can do, also an overnight one to the local volcano, but we decided on two: a private tour with Rolando from Beyond Adventure Tours (PM me if you want his contact details, worth your money!) and the three waterfalls hike.

The hike with Rolando we came across on Tripadvisor, after seeing all the positive reviews we were convinced to give it a shot: and boy did Rolando deliver. Picking us up at 6 AM from our Hostel, Rolando drove us for 45 minutes to a private land where tourists are not allowed without him. The hike was up a 450 meters hill/mountain and took us 4 hours in which Rolando, accompanied by his camera and experience, showed us the most amazing insects, birds and apes. He has the eye of an eagle, spotting the most detailed creatures from far. Best part, he made high quality pictures of everything we saw and shared it with us, free of charge! After the hike he even gave us some fresh coconut and lychee to recharge!

The second hike we did, the three waterfalls hike, is a safe hike that will fill half of your day. For USD 2,- you can take the local bus, or for USD 25,- a guided tour. We decided for the local bus, which takes you to the entrance in 20-25 minutes. The entrance fee is USD 5,-. Off the three waterfalls, the second one is the best to have a swim. But, there are a lot of pebbles and the water is freezing cold. You have been warned! We hiked to the second and third waterfalls first, and on our way back to the first one. Getting to the third one can be a bit more tricky, because the pathway is quite muddy and sometimes only a rope can help you to reach your destination.

Local beer Brewery

As a beer enthusiast, a local beer Brewery in Boquete made my heart skip a beat. Boquete Brewing Company has a wide variety of local crafted beers and if you are an Untappd user like me you will go crazy. Keep in mind though, the beers are brewed with goods like coconut for example, so be ready for a taste explosion!

Explore the town

There is a valid reason that a lot of retired people live in Boquete, the town itself has a lot to see itself as well! The town is surrounded by nature, and the small river going through the city makes it feel cozy.

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  1. I love, love, LOVE Panama. I think it’s one of the most underrated Central American treasures (along with Belize). I had never heard of this hike before so I must add it to my list for the next time I’m down there.

  2. Wow. I am not sure that I have ever tasted a beer brewed with coconut. I bet that is delicious. Beautiful countryside, definitely looks like a piece of heaven on Earth. We will get to Panama someday, and I will look Boquete up and make sure to visit.

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