One of the coolest sights to visit near Bratislava, and a must include in your visit to Bratislava, is Devin Castle. The ruins are amazing to see, but also the view of the surrounding nature is breathtaking!

Located strategically between the rivers Danube and Morova, this area has been inhabited since the 5th century BC. It even was a part of the Roman Empire vanguard line. The oldest parts of the castle still remaining date back to the 13th century. After going under mayor renovations in the 15th and 16th century, the castle eventually met its faith by Napoleon’s army in 1809.

In 1961 Devin Castle was declared a national monument, and since then the upkeep of the surroundings have been steady. You can see a lot of green fields, great spots to hike and a lot of cattle grazing in the area.

In the upper castle ward, built mid 14th century, you will find a stunning view and also a small museum showcasing some findings in the area.

The view from the upper castle area is breathtaking, both towards the rivers as towards the square of the castle.

There are a lot of other sights in the area, but definitely Devin Castle is a cool visit for a few hours!

Important things to know:

Check for the most up to date opening times on the official website:

Note that Mondays the castle is closed for visitation! Last entry time is 15:15 PM.

Devin Castle is accesible by car, boat, bike and bus. Tickets are € 8,- in the summer period, € 4,- in the winter period. For actual prices check here.