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South America Trip Day 6: Tambo Colorado and trip to Paracas

Around 7:00 AM we got picked up by peru hop. Peru hop is a bus that can take you throughout the entire country with a pretty sweet deal.

First stop for breakfast of 40 minutes in Mirasur. This was a weird stop. It looked like a circus.. they had horses “dancing” (was just hopping around), a small swiming pool, some kids slides, an alpaca and some horses, some dune buggies and an overdressed place for food and drinks. We ordered prior in the bus for them to order, and you can get scrambled eggs, avocado sandwich or a pulled pork. Last one was the best, overall not worth the money (we paid 31 soles for two, including drinks). Really a weird touristic spot, recommend you take your own food.

After that we went on a long drive towards Tambo Colorado, a well preserved Inca complex dating back to 1440 a.d.! We spent an half hour here, getting to know about the history of the sight. It is located in the middle of mountains and a river bedding, making it a strategical location. The locals from that time (Andeas tribe) were ruled by Incas and it served as an adminstration sight for them. The inside is a small labyrinth, built like that to make sure intruders could not storm the place. There is also a small museum with some findings and paintings how the sight looked like back in the day. The buildings are made of stone and clay, because in the area there is only one inch of rain per YEAR. So yeah, quite dry. That is why they used clay, which absorbs the heat for the winter and stays cooler during the summer. Some of the stones still show its original red color.

After that 1,5 hours bus ride to our final destination of the day: Paracas!

The afternoon we had no plans, so we just strolled passed the beach. We First went to a restaurant, know that here in Paracas food dishes are a bit more expensive than other places in Peru: between 24 and 45), were I had the local fish curry with an amazing red sauce with white fish and shrimp accompanied with rice and fries while Sam got the famous local raw sea food dishand: Ceviche. This dish can be prepped raw or slowly cooked, having everything from octopus to fish to shrimp in it with a sour sauce, interesting cuisine!
After that we went to the beach to enjoy the sun and at night went to a local bar for some drinks with the rest of the Peru hop people. 

Tomorrow we have our sightseeing trip through Paracas and we are going to the Ballestas Islands!

South America trip: Day 1, arrival to Lima, Peru

As an aftermath of our wedding, we decided to backpack for 5.5 weeks in South America! Can you think of a better honey moon for a travelling couple? I think not!

Early in the morning waking up at Eindhoven to catch our 9:30 am flight to Lima via Amsterdam, great excuse to get up early! 
After my sister dropped us at Schiphol, we were suppose to catch the flight that goes via Paris to Lima. Because of the weather conditions we got a free upgrade from KLM: direct flight at 13:15 to Lima!

After a long wait, our 12 hour journey began. 4 movies, 1 whisky and some beers later we finally reached our destination at 20:00 pm local time: Lima!

Our first trip will be the morning later to visit the Peru part of the Amazon. Because we had to catch the early flight at 5:30 to Iquitos we decided to get a hotel nearby the airport to get a few hours of sleep and to leave our big luggage there. The hotel arranged a pick up for us, which is recommended. There are a lot of Taxis outside the airport and it is hard to see the difference between real and fake. The real cab drivers always show their identification. The 5/7 minute trip costed us 12 soles one way. Before you get in a cab, be sure to either use the ATM or exchange Dollars for soles, else you have to pay more expensive in Dollar.

Once we reached our hostel, packing began for the next day. We booked our flight in advance via Vivaair. Be sure to print your boarding ticket or buy the check in service, else it will cost you 16 USD per person. Luckily the area our hotel was in had a internet café, or something like that with the old school big monitors and printers from the beginning of time, but with some basic Spanish and help from our hostel it was easily arranged.

Quick shower, 4 hour sleep, next stop: Amazon of Peru in Iquitos!

First time travelling? Avoid making these 5 common mistakes

Travelling is almost always guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. With so much of the world to see and so many things to discover, it’s crucial to ensure you avoid any potential mishaps or unfortunate occurrences while you’re abroad.

With travellers often making the same mistakes, here’s five of them to avoid during your travels.

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It has been a bit more quiet then usual the last few months here at Uncensored Travel, but with many good reasons. As you could have guessed from our PM2AM trip blog series, we are getting married on the 9th of February of 2019! Combining this with a finalizing of our Master’s- and PhD degrees, having to arrange a lot of things for our travel themed wedding and private life you can imagine blogging and making videos is not a priority.

But, this comes with good news! 2019 will give us a lot of input there we will be: travelling with Sam’s sisters from Bangladesh, getting married travel themed style and go on a honey moon to Latin America!

Cheers to a wonderful 2019!

Track that Travel blogs

Howdy readers,

Today we received the sad news that one of my favorite platforms for bloggers, Track that Travel, announced that after one year of hosting their platform they decided to go into another direction. After winning their first contest a few months ago, it is sad to say goodbye (for now) to Track that Travel. I will be transferring the blogs I wrote on the platform to my own website, so that the stories shared there will stay online.

Thank you Track that Travel for giving me a platform to grow my blog!

Winning feels good!

The official announcement from Track that Travel was made today, declaring me winner of the ‘5 Ways Travel Changed My Life’ contest! Some great exposure for Uncensoredtravel :-)!

And the winner is(drum roll)…. . So last week, we had a blogging contest "5 Ways Travel Changed My Life" where the winner would get $100 and have his story turned into a video. 💲➕🎥 . Now, we're happy to announce that @roburwt is our winner! You can check out his blog on as "Uncensoredtravel." . Congratulations!🎆🎉🎊🎈 . We did have a hard time deciding so we'd also like to comment those who joined the contest. Don't worry, there's plenty more to come! . But anyways, let's watch this guys and see how travel changed Robert Dolmans' life. . . . . . #TrackThatTravel #Travelblogger #TravelChangedMe #TravelMotivation #TravelGram #Travelinspiration #Travelbug #Instatravel #Instagood #Passionpassport #discoverearth #discoverglobe #earthfocus #coupletravel #couplegoals #travelgoals #wanderfuldestinations #wanderlust #igerseurope #whytravel #livefolk #createcommune #bloggingcontest #travelstories #travelchangedmylife #5waystravelchangedmylife

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Winning $100 and get my story turned into a video, how cool is that?

Read my winning blog HERE

First contest victory for Uncensored Travel!

After participating in the “5 Ways Travel Changed My Life” of Track that Travel last week, I woke up this morning with the following message on my Instagram:

Oh yes, we just won our first blogging contest!!!!

Missed the article? Read it HERE!

New blog: 5 Ways Travelling Helped Me To Become A Better Person

  1. Our latest blog about 5 Ways that travelling helped me to become a better person just got published at Track that Travel!

Read it now HERE!

2017 Recap: Uncensored Travels top 5 visits

2018, a new year equals new adventures and new plans for traveling to neat destinations throughout the world! I am not really a calendar looking guy, but it is cool to reflect on all the awesome places me and Sam visited in 2017. Which are the top 5 hotspots we enjoyed the most? Check it out below! In 2017 we visited 12 countries in total. From a bad ass trip through western Europe to the great walls of China. These 5 hotspots are our favorites and tips for you to visit in 2018 (in no particular order)! Spoiler picture 🙂 :

#simatai #greatwallofchina #beijing

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2018 started off great.. 

… It has been quiet on this website for a few weeks. But for a very good reason. Why? We are currently exploring Bangladesh! So far we visited Dhaka and Chittagong, including the celebration of my birthday here :).

Lot more content to come soon, stay tuned!

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